XRP Price Records Three Months High w.r.t Bitcoin, as Crypto- Markets Stay Bearish

Published October 7, 2019 | Updated October 7, 2019

XRP Price Prediction
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XRP Price Records Three Months High w.r.t Bitcoin, as Crypto- Markets Stay Bearish

Bitcoin [BTC] and the crypto-markets continued its downtrend this weekend as BTC broke below $8000. The total market capitalization of crypto markets fell below $215 billion, as selling continued. However, XRP has defied the trend for the last couple of days; it has been in an uptrend.

The price of XRP at 5: 00 Hours UTC on 7th October 2019 is $0.265. It is trading 4.36% higher on a daily scale. Moreover, w.r.t. Bitcoin XRP tested high at 0.00003441. It is the highest price recorded since its break-down in July.

Peter Brandt, trading analyst, and chart expert suggested that XRP might have reached its lowest support level, and is primed for consolidation and reversal. He tweeted,

There is some chart evidence that $XRP is bottoming against $BTC $XRPBTC

xrp price peter brandt
XRP Price Analysis (Source: Twitter)

Another crypto-trader Escobar was also optimistic about the XRP/BTC charts. However, the current choppy conditions in Bitcoin [BTC] have refrained him from opening positions. He tweeted,

Ripple has continually increased its efforts via blockchain-based products to increase the efficiency of the global financial system. However, the actual utility of XRP tokens in these systems and their adoption are still unclear. Moreover, there is also an impending question of XRP to be regulated as a security.

Nevertheless, trading analysts and chart experts are viewing a bullish reversal on the Bitcoin scale. However, Bitcoin’s dominance over the crypto-markets and the bearish market on it is adversely affecting the sentiments.

Hence, in the event of a revival of positive sentiments towards the crypto-markets, XRP could rise handsomely.

Do you think that altcoins could rise despite selling pressures in Bitcoin? Please share your views with us. 

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