$YFNFT Tokens Up for Presale with 4 Days Countdown!

By Stan Peterson
November 15, 2021 Updated November 16, 2021

Since the crypto bull talks from 2021, we are observing a surge of activity andimmediate interest on the Binance Smart Chain network. Leading bymajor NFT projects, we are now noticing multiple start-ups beinglaunched every weekin order to grab a seat at the BSCmarketplace table.

These new projects are crossing swords for attention. To achieve the peak every single participant are offering a unique selling point to make them stand outof the crowd. $YFNFT seems a solution emphasizing to unite bestadvanced protocols in the BSC blockchain network. We are trying to link aspects and functionalities ofNFT to display a truly powerfulproject for everyone.

YearnNFT Finance is relatively new project developed on NFT marketplace in the domains of digital artwork and collectibles. We are already halfway through with a great success so far. Our team has successfully witnessed:

  • Airdrop Program for $YFNFT tokens
  • Registration and Referral Bounty
  • Distributed YFNFT Tokens with proper allocations
  • Introduced Official Roadmap and Whitepaper documents
  • YearnNFT YouTube Bounty is live
  • Presale will start from 19 November 2021 distributing 40% of the token supply.

Presale will start soon! Take complete advantage of this opportunity as YearnNFT is transforming and showcasing a new era in NFT andDeFi ecosystem. This innovative project is an incredible opportunity for NFT community members.

YearnNFT Prepares For Presale Launch

NFTs are prominent for creators and collectors alike;however, collectibles are right at the tip of the iceberg viewing the power of NFTs to disrupt the sphere. In the coming months, we will demonstrate an entirely new and innovative ways to incorporate NFTs, and essential use cases rely on.

On 19th November, we are launching the YFNFT token presale developed on BSC. We’re calling this presale with two rounds each with a different price set.With the world’s decentralized smart contract platform, YearnNFT will set a new benchmark for tokens on the BSC.

Now, artists and creators can display their artwork on YearnNFT Finance and get deserving pay out and earning with future rewards. Also, the users can participate in ongoing events and campaign to gain maximum NFT tokens in terms of YFNFT assets.

YFNFT asset is relatively a governance token built for YearnNFT project. Every transactions on the project is accomplished with YFNFT tokens.

Presale Round 1 Starts

19 November 2021

Price 1 YFNFT = 0.12 BNB

Token Ratio- 20% of the Total Supply

Presale Round 2 Starts

1 December 2021

Price 1 YFNFT = 0.16 BNB

Token Ratio- 20% of the Total Supply

Before the presale starts, we are launching a whitelisting programto reward early joiners with 10% bonus on their purchase on presale day. You need to list the addressesnow to claim the bonus. Make sure your use the similar addressas of that used while registering on Presale.

Whitelisting is available from 13 – 17 November 2021, don’t miss this opportunity as still you have chance to claim 5% bonus.

Distribution and Tokenomics

Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT

Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT

  • 40% Presale
  • 35% Liquidity
  • 8% Registration and Referral Bounty
  • 4% Influencer and Airdrop reward
  • 3% NFT Publishers Reward
  • 3% Development Team
  • 3% Marketing Team and Advisers
  • 4% Founders and Investors
YearnNFT Airdrop
  • Bonus 1- Register now and win free 100 NFT points
  • Bonus 2- Refer and win free 100 NFT points
  • Bonus 3- 1000 lucky registered users win free BNB and YFNFT

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Submit your BSC-20 token address and after completing the tasks the user should submit the Airdrop form.

Highlights with a Short Glimpse
  1. Airdrop and Bounty Program ended with a successful closure
  2. Registration and Referral Campaign is still applicable where every registration gets 100 NFT points and additional 100 NFT points on each referral.
  3. YouTube Bounty is live with 100 BNB as giveaway
  4. Add your address to join our whitelisting program to become early bird in YFNFT presale earning 10% bonus beforehand.
  5. $YFNFT token presale Round 1 will commence from 19 November and Round 2 will start form 1 December.
  6. After the presale ends, we will list the YearnNFT native token on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap exchanges.

Remember: It is important to proceed with caution while investing or purchasing tokens that are new in listing. Verify the progress of the project closely and consult a professional financial instructor before making an investment.

Visit Site – https://yearnnft.finance/

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