Amid ‘Ban PewDiePie’ Petition, YouTube Star Moves to Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform, DLive


Amid ‘Ban PewDiePie’ Petition, YouTube Star Moves to Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform, DLive

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg (Pronounced: ‘PuDeePi’), who hosts the most subscribed channel on Youtube in the world since 2013 will stream live weekly on Blockchain based streaming platform, DLive from April 14, 2019.

Felix signed an exclusive deal with DLive, he said in the press release:

“I’m excited to start live-streaming again regularly,” said PewDiePie. “DLive is great for me because I’m treated like a real partner.”

The Blockchain based platform, DLive is more favorable for content creators because of its ‘Value-Sharing Content Economy’ scheme which offers more than 90% of the revenue from the ads to the creators. Other popular live streaming platforms take almost 50% of the share of the total revenue.

Wilson Wei, Co-Founder of Lino Network,

“PewDiePie has always been a fierce advocate for the value that creators bring with their hard work, time, and effort, and he believes in DLive’s vision. Our livestreaming platform has the potential to forever change how creators are represented in this industry, and we’re proud to have PewDiePie help us lead this charge.”

PewDiePie Vs T-Series: Blockchain Wins

PewDiePie is an internet sensation with a huge fan following. Recently, its position was shaken by an Indian Music production house T-Series. However, it again gained the lead over T-Series with about 300,000 more subscribers.

Ever since then PewDiePie had made some videos on India and T-series. Moreover, the content in some of these videos was found racist and anti-semitic by some citizens of India; they also filed a case against YouTube in the Supreme Court of India as a PIL (Public Interest Litigation). On April 10, 2019, the Supreme Court of India has directed YouTube to remove two videos from PewDiePie’s channel YouTube.

The Swedish YouTube sensation had reportedly apologized in October 2018 to the Supreme Court of India regarding another ‘offensive video’ which promoted ‘white supremacy.’ Furthermore, another case is pending with the Apex Court which seeks to ban PewDiePie’s channel altogether.

Ban PewDiePie Petition on

A petition has been filled on popular voting portal to ban PewDiePie’s channel from YouTube because of his racist and sensitive remarks against cultures and people of different society. The petition has received 593 votes for the motion.

Reportedly, PieDiePie makes $15.5 million annually through ads and subscriptions on his YouTube channel. Hence, amid the allegations and pending court cases, the Youtube star has decided to make a slow start in the beginning with like weekly videos.

On his official DLive channel, ‘PewDiePie’ also said that he will support content creators on the platform by donating up to $50,000 to a maximum of 100 creators. LINO Points is the native cryptocurrency token on the platform which will be used to reward the creators.

The Blockchain based content platform is both decentralized and offers increased earnings for content creators. Hence, many more content creators are expected to join the revolutionary platform.

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