Zebpay Hits Trading on European Countries With New ‘Europe KYC and Bank Verification’

Tabassum Altcoin News published December 11, 2018 | modified December 11, 2018


Zebpay Hits Trading on European Countries With New ‘Europe KYC and Bank Verification’

Due to banking ban by the Reserve bank of India, Zebpay shuts its operation within Indian territory and the information on its website claims its new set up in Europe.

Spying on European Crypto Market

It was more like rumors spreading fake news across social media but looking closer to the support section of Zebpay’s official website confirmed the report.

It has added a new category under its support section yesterday, on December 10, 2018. “Europe – KYC and Bank Verification” category educate users on following aspects

• Account verification specifically for European users
• Verifying the account with bank details
• How to verify a European corporate account on Zebpay?
• Can I send/receive or trade cryptocurrencies before completing verification?
• What to do if my nationality and resident countries are different?
• Can I change my country of nationality or residence after registration?
• In which countries does Zebpay support trading?
• Which cryptocurrencies and crypto pairs does Zebpay exchange support?
• GDPR: What rights I have?
• GDPR: How do I access my information?

Very recently on December 11, 2018, Zebpay added yet another category called “Euro Deposit and Withdrawals”. The section deals with very basic FAQs for users, instructing them about the deposit and withdrawal procedure.

You can find more about its new categories here – Euro-Deposits-and-Withdrawals and Europe-KYC-and-Bank-Verification

Zebpay Targets 20 Countries of Europe

After suspending operations of crypto trading in India, European countries, Zebpay planned to offer crypto trading services across 20 countries of Europe including Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Netherland, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, France, Bulgaria, and Malta.

However, there is no official announcement revealed via its official twitter account, but the account named “Zebpay Europe” says that its service is now live in all 21 countries.

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