Zilliqa Inches Towards its Mainnet Launch on January 30 2019 with the Release of Testnet v3.0

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Zilliqa Inches Towards its Mainnet Launch on January 30 2019 with the Release of Testnet v3.0

Currently, trading at $0.017 in red in the USD market by 2 percent, Zilliqa is in the green in BTC and ETH market. Meanwhile, Zilliqa has released its Testnet v3.0, codename “Mao Shan Wang” that has the same set of features as its upcoming mainnet launch on January 30, next year.

Testnet v3.0, codename “Mao Shan Wang” is Here

The world’s 37th largest cryptocurrency Zilliqa (ZIL) by market cap of about $138 million has yet to launch its mainnet after about one and a half year of its release. According to it roadmap, the mainnet is scheduled for release between December 2018 and January 2019.

For now, the team has already launched Testnet version 1 and 2. Now, two months before its mainnet launch, Testnet version v3.0 has been released.

Testnet v3, codenamed “Mao Shan Wang” is the “first fully-fledged testnet in the world to implement network, transaction, and smart contract sharding.”

Addressing the security issues and adding safety checks along with enforcement mechanisms, this testnet version contains the same set of features as the upcoming mainnet as per the official announcement that further states it is launching on schedule.

As stated by Zilliqa CEO, Xinshu Dong,

“(Testnet v3.0) has the full-scale implementation of Scilla (our safe-by-design smart contract language) across the network, the implementation of our solution to smart contract sharding, and the public mining of testnet ZILs. It enables larger-scale public testing of the key features of our upcoming mainnet and is a key step for us towards launching mainnet on Jan 31, 2019.”

Dong further shares the significance of Mao Shan Wang which has a full-scale implementation of Scilla across the network, is far more eco-friendly and cost-effective mining up to the public for testing, and involves new incentive mechanism that rewards nodes (miners) by taking into account their contributions to the consensus protocol.

There has been a number of key new features added by the developers’ in the scilla language, development tools, and core protocol.

With Ziliqa’s new testnet version release and mainnet launch coming up, it can be further expected to affect the prices positively. However, it’s to be seen just how much prices will move as the crypto market is in extreme red since mid-November.

At the time of writing, Zilliqa has been trading at $0.017 with 24 hours losses of 4.68 percent while in the BTC market, it is in the green by 1.74 percent and up by 0.44 percent in the ETH market.

Zilliqa 1-month price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap

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