Exclusive Interview with the YPTOspace CEO, Gregory STOOS

By Sagar Saxena
Published March 18, 2019 Updated February 28, 2020
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Exclusive Interview with the YPTOspace CEO, Gregory STOOS

By Sagar Saxena
Published March 18, 2019 Updated February 28, 2020

In a recent  Interview with Geregory STOOS, YPTOSPACE CEO, he shoots from the hip and tells us why he believes the world needs a multi-faceted and revolutionary platform like YPTOspace.

How did you start YPTOspace?

My experience has been quite varied in marketing, business development and for the past two years, I have been developing cryptocurrency technology with a great team of people who are dedicated to getting YPTOspace into the mainstream. We determined that if we can’t bring the banking sector up to speed on the value of cryptocurrency for standard financial transactions, then we have to take it to the public. We aim to encourage the commercial sector to support YPTOspace.
By breaking away from traditional banking and payment methods; even the current system whereby traditional banking and fiat currency transactions combine with cryptocurrency is unsustainable, and this is why there are so many problems when people try to use it.
I firmly believe that people need more freedom to use their money without having to pay huge fees. Also, blockchain technology offers an entirely secure yet anonymous method for people who might not have a bank account but need a safe way to pay online.

Why is so little written about your YPTOspace team?

We’ve spent the last two years finding the right team, whom we have trained and everyone is on board with the platform. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to raise the right group, which is what we have after two years of working together, so now we don’t need the disruption of having anyone stolen from the company.

What is YPTOspace?

YPTOspace is many things, but my ambition is to create a global ecosystem that lets anyone have the freedom to manage their financial assets and operations. One where users can send Bitcoin and have them arrive as Dollars or Euros. Where people can make payments in Euros, and businesses can receive them as crypto, for example, ETH or BTC, or, the platform’s native crypto currency – YPTO Coins.
As I said before, we need cryptocurrency to move into the mainstream. For this, we need a platform that uses blockchain technology; a decentralised model that brings digital currency not just for asset trading, but for everyday use. The technology has specific protocols that make it easy to transact and secure for all users.

What makes YPTOspace different from other cryptocurrency platforms?

YPTOSPACE is the first platform built around cryptocurrency where users have multiple tools for payment, financial management, trading, including an automated trading bot function, betting and gambling, shopping and more. The robust blockchain technology ensures customer security and high-speed scalability to make prompt payments and all with no fee for transferring funds!
By creating a fast, user-friendly platform, the team behind YPTOspace believe that millions of users around the world will embrace this unconventional model and turn it into a conventional mainstream payment system.
As a P2P solution with a built in escrow mechanism for added security, the Platform Application has the components to energise businesses to tap into the cryptocurrency market. With all the tools provided there is no doubt in my mind that YPTOspace will become a household name and be ranked alongside Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, PayPal, and Amazon when people think of cryptocurrency, they will think YPTOspace.

Why are you launching the ICO?

We want to bring YPTOspace to more users, and for this, we need to get the platform launched. Also, if we are to do our job right, we have to keep on with development. All this takes money and a lot of it.
We have bootstrapped the platform, and we believe it is time for likeminded stakeholders to become involved in what we know to be a revolutionary cryptocurrency game changer. With stakeholder investment and people using YPTOcoin, we can take what are currently separate services – bank accounts, online casinos, exchanges, trading, investment, and so on – and unify them.
Cryptocurrency is a decentralised system, but none of the players in the market appears to be getting their heads around giving solutions for people and business. The current crypto market companies remain set on keeping the status quo where to use their systems it costs a lot of money through the fee structure, and they are happy to continue doing this. Cryptocurrency continues to challenge bankers and governments. They are all running away from instead of towards crypto as a solution to these very real obstructions in the financial markets.
I know that many people believe that YPTOspace is too revolutionary because we will give people the chance to do what they want with their money and they won’t have to pay high fees, but I don’t care.
Cryptocurrency should not be elitist, it has to be for everyone, and we have started to make that happen with YPTOspace.


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