An Interview with Digiwhale, Founder of All in one Crypto App

By Achal Arya
Published October 21, 2021 Updated October 21, 2021
All in one crypto app

An Interview with Digiwhale, Founder of All in one Crypto App

Crypto prices go up and down, but not everyone knows how to profit from these price movements. In this interview, we’ve talked to the mysterious yet successful Bitcoin investor, Digiwhale.

He explains how he built a successful Telegram channel and later a crypto investment app all while keeping his identity anonymous. 

Join us to discover more about Digiwhale, his All in One Crypto App and how you can use it to make better crypto investment decisions.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what led to the development of this app?

In crypto, anonymity is everywhere, which started earlier back in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. By following the same thoughts, I prefer to call myself Digiwhale (Scrapper). The name was given by the community of crypto traders in 2018. 

In 2017, when I started crypto trading with a high success rate of trades, my random friends from the different groups told me to create a telegram channel to share my trading ideas. So, I made a telegram channel with the highly searchable keyword “Binance Premium Signals“, and the track grew tremendously. With time, people started telling me about the difficulty of accessing the different types of content from the channel, including crypto trading tips, educational content, hidden gem coins reports, etc. So one day, I came up with an idea about the All In One Crypto App, which includes all of the contents in an individual section, which is very easy to get the latest content from a particular type of section.

2. Who is the target audience for this app?

Defining this target audience is a tall task considering the epic rate of expansion. There are at least 35 million people with Bitcoin wallets downloaded. More are added every day from almost every country. However, the typical answer to this question is every person who wants to start from the beginning can join us. As we aim to provide basic to advanced content related to crypto trading and investments.

3. As we know, there are hundreds of similar trading signals apps in the market. What makes this app different from any other?

There are apps in the market but not similar to the one we have, and the single main reason is that the All In One Crypto App includes everything for every category of the traders with almost everything for free and highly rated in Play Store

For example, if someone is new to crypto and wants to start investing but doesn’t know how to trade, they can use our auto trading service or learn from the educational content. 

If a person wants trading signals, then we offer more than that. Our premium/free crypto signals include every detail that one trader should know, such as entry range, targets, invalidation levels and continuous updates on each call.

What if an intermediate or expert trader wants to filter thousands of coins from the market? We have a solution to that. They can use our free crypto screener and AI trend analyzer tool.

For the complete list of features, you can visit our blog.

4. There are various levels of traders in the market. For what category of traders do you think this app is suitable?

As said previously, we cover all kinds of people, either new in the market or experts. We also focus on the various types of traders/investors such as scalpers, swing traders, or long-term traders with different services such as diamond reports, free crypto trading signals, personal support, personal webinar coaching, and more.

5. Are there any paid services, or every service is free within the app?

Almost everything is free; however, there are some paid services in the app with very nominal pricing starting from just $49 per month, such as auto trading and some highly profitable trading signals and reports. 

To exclusive readers of CoinGape, we would like to offer a discount of 25% on the pro (3 months) package. Use “COINGAPE” as the code.

6. What are your plans with the app, like expanding it to include other crypto functionalities or remaining solely a trade signal app?

As the name suggests, the “ALL IN ONE” Crypto App has a vast list of new functionalities to introduce in the app. Our team is currently working on an exclusive feature that doesn’t exist in the entire crypto industry. Artificial intelligence-based crypto signals with auto tradifunctionaliy ity. In simple words, our AI tools will find out the trading opportunity and follow the trade-in exchange account using auto trading functionality.

I believe this will open a new gate of “Crypto Passive Income” in the industry and people can earn money with their daily routine.

More to that, common features such as portfolio, watchlist, trading journal will be added soon.


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