Stable +30% Monthly With FBC13 – Interview With FBC Fund CEO

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Stable +30% Monthly With FBC13 – Interview With FBC Fund CEO

Today our reporter spoke via video conference with a person who changed the world of financial analysis. Our website has a unique opportunity to take a short interview with one of the most secretive people of our time, whom many compare to Satoshi Nakamoto – Michael Hill, an Oxford graduate, Master of Economics and one of the creators of the FBC13 algorithm and the FBC Fund.

Reporter: Hi, Michael, thank you for meeting us, please tell us how you came up with the idea of such an algorithm? How do people even come up with something like that?

Michael Hill: You’re welcome. The problem is that people only tend to see success, but all the failures and vain efforts always remain unnoticed. You admire our algorithm, but only a few people pay attention to the fact that it took us 8 years to develop it. Initially we worked on other projects and after setback we moved on to creating the algorithm.

Reporter: What was the original idea?

Michael Hill: At first, we tried to teach artificial intelligence to independently predict the cost of stocks, raw materials, the cost of cryptocurrencies when they appeared, but after many unsuccessful attempts we realized that we couldn’t teach the neural network. By that time, it had analyzed 947 variables, but it wasn’t enough. Success was about 4 out of 10 times, which was clearly not enough. Very often the neural network simply didn’t have time to analyze the situation, and it was already changing dramatically. After that, we moved on to the idea of creating an algorithm. There were 12 unsuccessful versions, and only FBC13 became quite successful. By the way, FBC12 had 8 successful forecasts out of 10, which is also not bad.

Reporter: It’s amazing, Michael, you’ve been working on this idea for 8 years and you haven’t backed down. A great inspiration for many people. Please, tell me, as far as I understand, you are a very rich man now. Your algorithm is a real treasure, if I may say so. Tell me, why do you share this treasure with other people? Why did you create an investment platform?

Michael Hill: It’s hard for you to believe, but it’s very corny. I just want to help people, no matter where they are, what they do, what God they believe in, what color their skin is, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure that the block chain and cryptocurrencies will change this world. It will be a real utopia, where the global resources won’t be concentrated in hands of 1% of the population, but will be available to anyone. I believe in this and I’ll do everything to make it real.

Reporter: If you’re telling the truth, it’s commendable.

Michael Hill: It’s true.

Reporter: I don’t doubt it, because I’m also an investor in your platform (laughs). Tell us, how has your life changed after the invention of the algorithm?

Michael Hill: Almost nothing has changed, I’m not one of those who likes yachts, private jets, black caviar and other delights of the billionaire life. I’m a fairly modest person, I donate almost all my money to charity. Now I’m also helping those who fight against coronavirus.

Reporter: You’re just being modest (smiles). Our readers are constantly wondering: what guarantees does your company provide? You know, everyone is concerned about the investment portfolio, especially now.

Michael Hill: First of all, the most important guarantee is our algorithm, which was used to calculate tens of thousands of operations, and the average success rate is 97.6%. The second guarantee is an insurance fund, since absolutely all deposits of each investor are insured. Even in case of unforeseen circumstances everyone will receive at least their own money. And third, the reputation, both mine and the company’s. I see no reason to doubt it.


Reporter: Imagine that the reader doesn’t know anything about you, and hears about your platform and algorithm for the first time. Could you please briefly tell us how it works?

Michael Hill: It’s very simple, the investor registers on our platform, makes a deposit, chooses one of 5 rates based on the amount of the investment and the desired income and begins to receive daily accruals, the contract is valid for a year. Again, it doesn’t matter where he is or what he does. Currently, only the English version is available, but we are already working on translating it into 8 languages and developing a mobile app for user convenience.

Reporter: I figured it out in a day, by the way. It really is simple. My colleague from the editorial office asked me to ask this question: in his understanding, shortly after the invention of this the world would change dramatically, everyone would start hunting for your algorithm, they would try to get it, governments of different countries would become interested in you, and so on. Tell me, why nothing has changed, and it seems like no one even paid attention to it? 

Michael Hill: That’s a good question. I think the point here is that first of all the algorithm itself, although it is called an algorithm, is not the secret formula of Mr. Krabs’s Krabby Patties, which Plankton tried to steal in the Sponge Bob cartoon. You can’t just find it and use it for your own purposes, everything is much more complicated. The second reason, I think, is that some people to whom I even explain the principle of operation personally, can’t understand it and don’t believe that such things do actually exist. Even my former colleagues at Oxford were skeptical about FBC13 until they saw it with their own eyes. And third, now the public’s attention is focused on something else, and this word is heard all over the news. I think you know what I mean. (smiles)

Reporter: Indeed, the entire information field is filled with it. Tell us about your plans for the future, what’s next?

Michael Hill: Helping people is a priority right now. Last week, our charitable foundation ordered 2 million masks for hospitals. We also plan to invest in pharmaceutical companies and buy a vaccine. Now we give almost a quarter of our income from stocks operations to charity.

Reporter: That’s commendable. I noticed that many famous people now have started helping with the fight against COVID-19, that’s good news. Last question, I recently read in the news that your fund invested in VectraCoin. As far as I know, you have purchased as much as 20% of the coins. Tell us why VectraCoin specifically and how often does your fund invest in such projects?

Michael Hill: We’re constantly investing in new projects. Everyone knows about our tremendous success in investing in the Defi sector, we have earned our investors hundreds of percent growth over the past six months. Why Vectra? I think you will understand in a few years (smiles).

Reporter: Thank you so much for answering my questions, I wish your company growth and prosperity, you are doing a good job, thank you again!

Michael Hill: Thank you, it was nice talking to you.

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I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I manage the blockchain technology and crypto coverages at Coingape. follow me on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach out to me at achal[at]
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