An Interview with Leo G, Chief Strategist at DAO1

By Achal Arya
Published May 15, 2021 Updated September 17, 2021

An Interview with Leo G, Chief Strategist at DAO1

In an exclusive interview with Leo G. the Chief Strategy Officer of decentralized organization, DAO1, where we discussed the growth of DeFi, and the uniqueness of DAO1 in the broader cryptocurrency and investment ecosystem. We also discuss new topics like the firm’s Decentralized Fund, and other such offerings the company is pioneering. Sit with us and let’s catch the insights together.


Q1: What is DAO1? Can you tell us what your project brings to the table?

The main focus of DAO1 is to create a very powerful Decentralized Autonomous 

Organization allowing the community members to express themselves and make informed choices for their financial future. We are here to empower the community by providing the necessary tools and resources while ensuring complete transparency and community participation. 

DAO1 is a new type of governance-led project, with great input incoming from the community. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional out-of-reach investing platforms and everyday users in the cryptocurrency space. DAO1 is typically a community-led project.

Q2: There are many DeFi-based projects in the blockchain space today. What would you say makes DAO1 unique?

DAO1 is not to be examined in comparison with other solely DeFi projects. We are a truly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) running on a decentralized protocol but have socio-economic characteristics. We are different in terms of our initial setup and governance as well as the unique range and assortment of features the community members can enjoy. Well, some of the obvious are the governance that we practice and exist by. Another is the hyper-involvement level of the community in everything we do.

I do believe that the DAO1 is way more revolutionary than other DeFi and crypto projects due to the fact that it compiles an impressive number of features that are unique to be put forward in the decentralized space under one roof, and thus the way our platform is run by the community is a big difference from what we have around today. 

Power of choice is what makes DAO1 a true DAO. Granting community members the power of democratic choice is our true goal. This will serve useful when proposing decisions to the platform, both technical proposals and non-technical, changes to the features, rates, etc. All of this, whilst ensuring the highest security standards to ensure the decision-making process does not land in the hands of a few entities who hold tokens.

Q3: Can you elaborate more on the specific products or services DAO1 offers or is willing to offer?

DAO1 aims to deliver a state-of-the-art platform to encompass socio-economic incentives and financial freedom by deploying the best of the Decentralised Finance world under the roof of a true DAO, governance from day one. DAO1 is open-source, and fully transparent both in theory and practice, the protocol is incorruptible. The prevailing product offerings are composed of Staking, Farming, Hackathons for further enhancement of the DAO1 ecosystem, and more. It also introduces dynamic financial services like Decentralized Fund (DeF) or Hybrid Advisory, Crypto Venture & Startup Funds, Incubator platform, and Charity initiative through NFTs and donations.

Q4: DAO1 has a Decentralized Fund (Def) with hybrid advisory. What inspired this product offering and what are its potentials?

The inception of the DeF with Hybrid Advisory was inspired by our vision to offer users the perfect blend of technology with human intervention. We want to promote and create a community-led investment experience that is supplemented by AI decision-making.

We believe that this feature has incredible potential to help many community members improve their trading, investing, and access to timely information in order to increase their chances of being successful. At DAO1, we want to promote education to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency investing and we recommend that every user conducts strict due diligence and invests only what they feel comfortable with. 

Access to the right fundamental analysis data, trading data, exclusively curated content on the markets is one side of this feature. The other side of it will involve advanced AI and ML to support the decision-making of our users. Finally, technology will help with user fund selection, recommendation, and portfolio rebalancing, which will help users make the most optimal investment choices to select fund options covering low, medium, high and adventurous levels of risk.

Q5: Many people think the yield in DeFi is often exaggerated. In what ways do you think DAO1 can prove to be different?

I think that the DAO1 can prove that to be different by really making the best DeFi features work in favor of the community and also allowing the community to form the DAO1. 

I think in a way, the DeFi scene has been a victim of its own success. Because of the rise in popularity, the transaction costs have increased and many would argue that DeFi is still very complex to use. We seek to change that by for one, to make a very easy-to-use platform that still takes advantage of the best DeFi products and services on the market. Thanks to an upcoming partnership, DAO1 will be on course to run on a multi-chain network that will be Ethereum-compatible, helping us scale faster and securely.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Decentralized fund is a good example of a solid DeFi and human blend to achieve positive growth. 

Q6: Can you tell us about your Crypto Venture Fund? How is DAO1 lowering the barrier of entry to be a part of this fund?

The Crypto Venture & Startup Fund will be a fully licensed fund that will provide community access to a series of Funds to invest in certain investment vehicles (optimised to a user’s risk profile/tolerance), as well as the ability to select a number of funds that will be multi-token. A truly unique offering in this space. In terms of the Venture capital side of this feature, you will be able to preferentially select and vote using the DAO1 token to select, vet and approve investment in only the most promising and safe Startup projects that DAO1 will support.

The way things will work is that DAO1 token holders will receive ‘preferential voting rights in each of our features and depending on the feature itself, will be able to help drive forward that feature with select changes they propose, accept, deny or abandon. For example, the Crypto Venture & Startup Fund, will grant DAO1 token holders the opportunity to select and access exclusive investment funds, something that will not be accessible by non-DAO1 token holders. 

DAO1 is lowering the barrier to entry because we allow anyone to start with $100. We do not ask astronomical figures to get started on the DAO1 platform and we think this amount will be manageable for our community members.

Q7: Charity Collectable NFTs are part of the offerings you’re projecting. Are there any specific artists or charities you’re looking at supporting? 

We have many ideas around what charities to commence partnerships with for the DAO1 platform and certainly this is something that we will be shortly exploring further. We cannot currently comment on who we will be partnering with for now. Please stay tuned!

Q8: We would like you to tell us about your native token? It’s role in all of your offerings and products.

The native platform utility token DAO1 functions as the core utility asset for the DAO1 hub. It is the key to accessing all the services in the ecosystem. And of course, there will be preferential benefits accruable to the DAO1 token holders. Moreso, its role will be monumental to the future development, maintenance, and voting in the DAO1 ecosystem. The token will have a unique role from a governance and proportional voting standpoint, where it will be used to vote in order to approve, deny or abandon voting of new features, their functionality, and future development on the platform. The governance will function as a proportionally-driven voting system and this means that users will have the ability to vote on what direction DAO1 takes.

Q9: Your team has a lot in the works now. Why do you think this is the right time for your project to come into the limelight?

I think now is a good time because the market is ever-expanding. This means that new angles are being tested but also it means that it’s getting harder and harder to navigate in this space and hence this increases the mistrust one faces after being rug pulled or scammed. I think the market is ripe for a Truly decentralized project with enormous community involvement and an innovative array of services in the digital financial age.  

Q10: Your team profile speaks diversity. Can you tell us how this is shaping your project and the tenets you are trying to build?

Diversity is what? Oxford Dictionary says “the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds…”

I think this is a correct explanation and it sure does prove true in the case of our team. 

We have many years of combined experience across a multitude of sectors. The background of our team is extensive and stretches between VC funding, startup incubation,  business Management, strategies & marketing, DeFi, blockchain development, UI/UX development, partnerships, etc. The fact that we come from various demographic and geographic backgrounds makes us strong in evaluating the core values of a truly international community. I think Covid19 has set many teams apart but I only feel it made our team stronger and gave a new meaning to a decentralized team and workflow.

You can check out the DAO1 project through the official DAO1 website, and connect with Leo or any of the DAO team members via their social media handles listed on the team profile here.

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