Anycoin Direct Review: Trade Fast, Easily And Securely

By Casper Brown
Published June 23, 2020 Updated June 25, 2020

Anycoin Direct Review: Trade Fast, Easily And Securely

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have legions of people who dislike their services. Some people hate their customer service. Others are dissatisfied with the fees charged or the speed of fulfilling transactions. But that’s not the case with the company we are about to review below: 

Anycoin Direct is based in The Netherlands and primarily targets people in Europe and for that reason, it facilitates payments from almost all the methods popular in Europe, including credit cards.

But that’s not all…

Anycoin Direct is incredibly fast. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Unlike some of its competitors, this exchange completes transactions instantly. So, when you send a payment to the company’s bank account, you receive crypto immediately.

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Anycoin Direct: An Overview

As mentioned, Anycoin Direct’s primary target group is European users. Its mission, according to CTO Julian Van der Wijst, is to make cryptocurrency trading as simple as buying a T-Shirt online.

And honestly, it seems to have nailed that mission. It has a neatly designed website and an interface that makes it amazingly simple to buy or sell crypto. All you need is to register for an account, add funds to it and receive Bitcoin or altcoins in return. You can access the website in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Italian languages as per your own convenience. 

For more insights, watch this short video. It walks you through the account creation process, how to buy Bitcoins and a roundup of everything you can expect from the company in less than two minutes.

Which cryptos can you trade?

At Anycoin Direct, you can trade a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies fast and conveniently. They include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  •  Ripple
  •  Litecoin
  •  IOTA
  • NEO
  •  Cardano
  •  Stellar Lumens
  •  EOS
  •  Monero
  •  Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  •  Dash
  • ZCash
  • OmiseGO
  • Ethereum Classic

Interestingly, the exchange platform has a unique system for selecting coins to support. Precisely, it lists cryptos with a sound technical system, a decent volume, proven usability, and an active community. As a result, you can be confident all the altcoins on this platform are established and can be traded without inconveniences.

Which payment methods can you use?

As a company that wants you to buy crypto as quickly as ordering a T-shirt online, you expect convenient banking options. Luckily, that’s the case for Anycoin Direct. You can purchase bitcoin using SEPA at a fee of about 1-2% + €0,50. Or you can use any of these options:

  • Giropay
  • Credit Cards
  • Mybank
  • iDeal
  • eps
  • Sofort
  • Trustpay
  • Mistercash

When it comes to withdrawals, you can sell your crypto for cash, and it will be transferred to your SEPA bank account. Of course, you receive the money as fast as you receive your crypto during deposits.

Steps to trade crypto on Anycoin Direct

You can buy and sell cryptos on Anycoin Direct in a few steps. Here’s how that works.


  • Create an Account

Visit and click “Register” to sign up. Provide an email address and complete an image captcha code. You’ll then receive an email with a code to verify. Next up, provide your name, choose a secure password, and confirm your phone number (optional). You’ll be logged into your account instantly.

  • Setup your Crypto Wallet

Before you buy Bitcoin, ensure you have a BTC wallet. That’s where your crypto will be sent. Anycoin Direct is incredibly fast, so you want to have a functioning wallet by the time you choose to purchase some crypto.

  • Buy Cryptos

The “buy” option is the first thing on Anycoin Direct’s menu. Click it and choose what cryptocurrency you want to purchase. Select the amount of Euro you wish to spend, and the platform will tell you how much Bitcoin or altcoins you’ll receive.

After that, enter your receiving address. Again, this is your crypto wallet where you can expect to receive cryptos.

  • Sell your Cryptos

Assuming you buy Bitcoin and it appreciates after a couple of days. You can sell the coins on Anycoin Direct and receive cash instantly. The process is straightforward. Visit the “sell’ section and choose what you want to sell.

Then enter your bank account. Choose how much Bitcoin you want to sell, view expected fees, and confirm the check order.

Next up is to transfer your Bitcoins and altcoins to an address provided by Anycoin Direct. Once that’s confirmed, the trading website will remit the equivalent cash value into your bank account.

Should you worry about security?

Anycoin Direct is an established crypto exchange established in 2013 in Veghel, the Netherlands. It uses SSL encryption and a slew of more security measures to secure customers’ data.

Because it does not hold your cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to worry about Anycoin Direct getting hacked. You keep your Bitcoins in your chosen wallet, so there’s no chance of losing the coins on the trading exchange.

Detailed Guides

New crypto users don’t have to trade blindly. Anycoin Direct has many Bitcoin guides, including how to buy and sell it. What’s more interesting is that these guides are available for several other cryptocurrencies as well. Click here to see the complete list and check out the info tabs.

For more information, check out this bitcoin guide or how to use Anycoin Direct here

Customer Service

Anycoin Direct takes pride in being one of the first crypto exchanges to provide customer service through live chatbots. It still offers assistance using this channel. However, you can also shoot an email through [email protected] or visit their F.A.Q page to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If their Trustpilot reviews are something to go by, Anycoin Direct seems to be a champion of excellent customer support. They have a 9/10 rating from over 10,000 reviews. That’s phenomenal. 

The Anycoin Direct Blog

The Anycoin Direct blog is an authoritative, informative platform for staying up to date with the blockchain industry. It’s updated every week, and you can opt for these articles straight to your email box hassle free. It’s also a learning resource. So, if you’re new to crypto, we recommend you start by visiting the blog.

Additional Information

Anycoin Direct doesn’t provide leverage for traders. But that’s because of how it works. It does not feature a Meta 4 Trading interface. Instead, it’s a simple tool that helps you exchange cash for crypto or vice versa stress-free.

When it comes to fees, the company charges 1-2 % of your order amount plus a fixed  €0.50. It’s a low charge either way. But beware, you’ll also incur charges from payment methods and blockchain miners’ fees.

It’s also worth noting Anycoin Direct has a tiered account system. The first tier doesn’t require verification and lets you buy €10 to €100 worth of crypto. Your limits increase with each tier level.


Anycoin Direct is a Dutch-based crypto exchange launched in 2013. It’s one of the best rated trading sites out there, so it’s worth checking out. Their fees are incredibly low. Buying and selling crypto is straightforward, and their customer service is exceptional.

Discover more about what their customers say on Trustpilot.


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