Anjali Tyagi

Having a background in writing, I worked on a wide array of industry topics and have recently entered the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Achal Arya

I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a masters degree in Computer Science. Passionate about all things Cryptocurrency, I manage the blockchain technology and crypto coverages at Coingape.

Stan Peterson

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.

Ankit Saxena

Stepped into blockchain world. My expertise extends to marketing and advertising through which I was able to help few notable startups.

Pratyush Goyal

A computer science engineer, I have been adamantly following the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry for the past 2 years. A crypto enthusiast and hardcore blockchain follower.

Casper Brown

I am an associate content producer for the news section of Coingape. I have previously worked as a freelancer for numerous sites and have covered a dynamic range of topics from sports, finance to economics and politics.


I am Gaurav and I just love to write about Blockchain Technology.

Sagar Saxena

A blockchain enthusiast, A learner and an ICO Reviewer


I am Sandeep crypto enthusiast. I am an associate content producer for the Cryptocurrency News & ICO section of Coingape.


Lauren, a blockchain, and a cryptocurrency strategist has created a project of crypto price predictions for each month.

James Peter

James writing financial content and analysis, James has worked as a business journalist.


Mark is a crypto Investor with 15-months of experience in trading. He wants to share his experience with other people, who just want to invest money, but don’t want to lose money to scammers.

Saurabh Chhabra

Disha Gautam

Guest Author




Laval Khalid Abiola

Lawal Khalid Abiola is a creative writer, entrepreneur and innovation
lover. Lawal Khalid Abiola is an avid lover of Cryptocurrency.


Vikram currently focus is writing on Cryptocurrency. In addition to content writing, he also experienced in WordPress and curating Images.


I am Gaurav and I just love to write about Blockchain Technology.


Sahitya is a crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist on management and strategic planning for over 5 years.