Apple Implements Interledger Via Its Payment Request API For Safari

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Apple Implements Interledger Via Its Payment Request API For Safari


In its latest announcement, Apple has introduced Payment Request API for Apple Pay that by extension implements Interledger of Ripple in Safari on iOS.

Payment request API for Apple Pay

Recently, Apple announced that to conduct the Apple Pay transactions on the web, the Safari 11.1 on macOS and Safari on iOS 11.3 from now on will be supporting the W3C Payment Request API.

Apple Pay works with Apple devices that is an easy and effortless way to make the payments on the web or in the apps. It was first used on the Web in macOS Sierra and iOS 10. Apple have worked towards making Apple Pay a widely adopted payment system by merchants. However, it lacks the support of multiple payment methods which usually have high levels of complexity.

This is where the Payment request API comes into the picture which basically supports various payment methods across multiple browsers through a standard API while reducing the complexities.

When it comes to Payment Request API, the Interledger payment method is one of the proposed methods on the Payment Request API through which the merchants can request a payment that follows the interledger standards.

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Apple Pay’s payment request API involves Ripple’s interledger payment method

The Interledger Protocol is basically an open source protocol suite for sending the payments across different ledgers. Furthermore, it defines a number of standards that can be applied to every kind of payments that involves an address, a two-phase response for payment authorization and a signature.

Payments networks have a foundation problem of non-interoperability that can be solved through the Interledger Protocol as its minimum protocol and open architecture allows for interoperability for any kind of value transfer system. Moreover, the Interledger protocol allows for payments across different digital asset ledgers while eliminating the risk of intermediary failures.

The Interledger payment method has one of its editors Adrian Hope-Bailie who belongs to the Ripple. Though Apple hasn’t explicitly mentioned the Interledger Protocol or Ripple per se, given that how it’s inherently implied with interledger’s connection with Payment Request API and of course Ripple’s with the Interledger payment method, it can be understood that there is an interconnection.

It is a possibility that with such a big name using the Ripple’s technology, it will help in boosting its value and prices.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s new announcement and its connection with Ripple? Do you think it will affect Ripple in any way? Share your thoughts with us!

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