Binance NFT x LFW Mystery Box II

By Casper Brown
Published January 4, 2022 Updated January 4, 2022
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Binance NFT x LFW Mystery Box II

By Casper Brown
Published January 4, 2022 Updated January 4, 2022

LFW Mystery Box II

Type: Binance NFT Mystery Box

Price: 0.4 BNB per box

Quantity in total: 4,000

Purchase limit: 10 Mystery Boxes/ account.

This Mystery Box, when opened, will give you a NFT hero in the Legend of Fantasy War game. These NFT heroes will be available in 4 classes: SSR, SR, R & N. All of them are exclusive and limited. This time coming in Binance NFT with an enjoyable price.

Edition Issue Amount Rank Probability Market Price (BNB)
Shadow Rider 2000 N 50% 0.4
Ancient Tomb 1370 N 34.25% 0.5
Northern Beggar 300 R 7.5% 0.8
Fragile Wing 300 R 7.5% 0.8
Sorrow Witch 20 SR 0.5% 1.2
Gentle Flute 8 SR 0.2% 1.5
Slayer Queen 1 SSR 0.025% 3.0
Golden Lion King 1 SSR 0.025% 3.0


Rank SSR Hero:

These exclusive Heroes will contain the highest stats and most powerful skills in the game. The value of these NFT Heroes is priceless and extremely hard to obtain in game. The amount issued is also limited.

Rank SR Hero:

SR Heroes are the ultimate, high-stat that is rare to achieve through the playing process. By owning SR Hero, players will have the advantage when training to be veterans. When you want to be on the upper hand in this legendary journey, you have to get one SR Hero for your own. SR Heroes are also hard to achieve in-game.

 Rank R Hero:

These NFTs have their own assets and are very necessary in the beginning of the game. Therefore, they are must-have and easy to train them stronger, bringing lots of valuables afterward.

Rank N Hero:

Common in the game. High chance to obtain, train and trade.

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About Binance NFT

The Binance NFT marketplace is a marketplace that features all forms of digital artworks and collectibles. Powered by the Binance blockchain infrastructure and community, the Binance NFT marketplace provides the highest liquidity platform for users to launch and trade NFTs.

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About Legend of Fantasy War

Legend of Fantasy War is a unique 3D turn-based role-playing online blockchain game. By blockchainizing in-game items, the game provides players ownership of in-game items by owning so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT). With an engaging storyline, players can both entertain themselves and collect valuable items, even increase the value of items while playing games solo or with others. Thanks to the blockchain of items, owners of NFTs can sell, exchange, and auction transparently on the Legend of Fantasy War NFT marketplace. One of the strengths of the game is the nature of the community. Thus, the game offers a fantastic mechanism that the player and their friends can enjoy the rewards together forever. In short, the game is easy to play and collect valuable items.


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