Bitmix.Biz Review: An Effective Tool for Anonymizing Bitcoin Payments

By Achal Arya
Published February 8, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020
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Bitmix.Biz Review: An Effective Tool for Anonymizing Bitcoin Payments

By Achal Arya
Published February 8, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020

Bitcoin might be a safe and fast way to transact, but it doesn’t guarantee complete anonymity. A highly motivated hacker can easily trace your records. 


But thanks to BitMix, a platform that anonymizes crypto payments, you can send crypto stress-free knowing all your payments are completely safe. It’s an effective tool that functions by combining each transaction with a host of other transactions. Usually, the mixing process takes only a couple of minutes.

The final coins that a user receives back are completely new and untraceable. is a trusted bitcoin mixer that will help you give your Bitcoin transactions the security and anonymity that you are looking for. 

Why would you need BitMix.Biz?

A few years ago, bitcoin gained immense popularity due to its acclaimed anonymity, a factor that attracted a multitude of users. However, the hype cooled down when users learned the ins and outs of bitcoin and how transactions are carried out. In simple terms, Bitcoin anonymity is just a myth. Anyone can get into the publicly available ledger and track down any transaction they wish to. 

BitMix.Biz gives your coin the complete anonymity that you are looking for. For starters, once you deposit your Bitcoins to the platform, BitMix.Biz functions by crushing the transaction into small parts which are then transferred into diverse directions. Thereafter, the platform will return the coins in the same amount as deposited but as completely new coins that are untraceable. Here are some valuable specifications that BitMix.Biz has for you.

  • Complete anonymity
  • Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • A multi-language platform
  • Instant transfer
  • Ability to set custom fee
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Support of randomized option

Complete anonymity 

The essence of using a Bitcoin mixer is in gaining privacy and anonymity for your coin that barricades your money from hackers and other forms of surveillance that may expose your coin to unauthorized persons. The platform requests no personal credentials such as users’ addresses and names while carrying out transactions.

Interestingly, BitMix.Biz does not maintain any record or log-books of its users that means the platform doesn’t hold any traceable visitors’ details. Additionally, the Bitcoin tumbler stores any transaction details for a maximum of 72 hours or immediately upon the user’s request.

Cryptocurrencies supported

If you ask around, many crypto-holders know that mixing services are only limited to Bitcoins. Well, BitMix.Biz has included several other cryptos like Dash and Litecoin. According to inside sources, plans are underway to include more coins that will ensure every crypto-holder is accommodated.

Multi-language platform

BitMix can be accessed from almost all parts of the world. In addition to worldwide accessibility, the platform also supports multiple major languages like English, German, Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Polish and Hindi. 

Instant transfer

For a user’s digital assets to be transferred to their respective addresses, a quick confirmation message is the only details that one is required to submit and their coins will be transferred to their address instantly. Note that BitMix holds readily mixed coins in their reserve. 

So, once you click the confirmation message, you’ll receive your coins instantly, in full amount and of course, with complete anonymity.

Letter of guarantee

BitMix is in the business of making crypto-transactions completely anonymous and much secure. Considering that all digital asset holders cannot be tech-savvy, how would they know that their transactions are truly taking the right direction?

Well, BitMix has figured out a solution already. When you submit your coins to the platform, you’ll immediately receive an address or simply a location where your Bitcoins will be sent. The confirmation is digitally signed by the platform’s server as a mark of authenticity.

Setting custom fee

Have you ever wondered how attackers get past the complex security configured by wallet holders and steal digital assets? Well, maybe you need to pay attention to it. Using the public ledger book which maintains all cryptocurrency transactions, attackers can use analyzers to know the balance of a crypto owner. 

You can bet that once someone has such kind of information, stealing from you is just a matter of time. But thanks to BitMix.Biz, you can set the custom fee which normally ranges between 0.4% and 4%. This makes the transaction quite difficult to trace.

The platform supports randomized option

The randomized option is just an extra layer of security that the platform has integrated to ensure access to users’ transactions is full-proof.  The functionality allows users to receive 2 or more transactions for every output address.

This feature makes it difficult for anyone trying to analyze the blockchain to trace such a transaction.  For this functionality to work, you’ll need to achieve the minimal payouts to your address as indicated below;

  • Bitcoin- 0.1BTC
  • Dash- 1.0 DASH
  • Litecoin- 1.0 LTC

Code for locking previous coins.

The platform takes security and transaction anonymity with such seriousness that they have initialized a code that customers are given after every complete transaction. This code ensures that BitMix will not allocate the same amount of coins in the subsequent transactions. This ensures that any attacker trying to analyze the blockchain will never succeed in tracing the destination of such transactions.

How does BitMix partner program benefit you?

BitMix has an exciting partner program that is exclusively designed to reward its loyal clients. How does it sound getting paid for every completed transaction made by all your invited users? 

All you need to do is share your referral link to all your connections either on social networking platforms or colleagues. For every BTC mix that they transact via the platform, you get paid. Now imagine how much you can make if 100 of your connections transact via the platform. You’ve got to try it out, the program is a real catch.


Although the initial reason for why cryptocurrencies were created was to circumvent the monetary barriers imposed by government or central banks, you must have noticed that this has proved to be more difficult task than what was imagined. 

However, with the Bitcoin services offered by platforms such as BitMix, it’s possible to achieve the original purpose of bitcoin that is based on total anonymity and security. Such services will encourage the global economy to scale up faster than any fiat currency can possibly achieve in decades. To know further, you can refer the FAQs

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