DTD: An Epic Tower Defense Game Is Here

Blockchain has to be modern era’s one of the most popular technologies to have spread far and wide due to its utility and uniqueness. But as blockchain, the backbone of all virtual currencies, teams up the gaming industry then the result gets extraordinary. Gaming enthusiasts are waking up to a revolutionized version of gaming that is not just for fun.

Decentralized Tower Defense is a doxxed project that combines blockchain tech with gaming features to bring an epic tower defense game based on the fan-favorite BNB chain. The best part about DTD is that it is not just a crypto gaming project but also has limited-edition NFTs and a whole new promotion incentive program to benefit users. Players need to hold at least 500 $DTD tokens to receive a holder award as well as an incentive reward.

Here’s what makes it such an exciting and epic undertaking:


Tower defense games have always piqued gamers’ interest as a curious and strategic game. DTD is a result of combining epic arcade video game aesthetic with BNB chain. DTD Players can:

  • Buy or Mint tower NFTs to fight against the monsters.
  • Win fragment NFTs by protecting their territories.
  • Have their tower’s value promoted over time.

Aspects of DTD

  • Defense towers

In DTD, there are 3 defense towers named Electro, Magic, and Anemo. Each type of tower has a unique level of attack power. As players pass through different stages, they get to earn more fragment NFTs.

  • Monsters

Monsters are a threat to players’ areas and towers. In each stage, you will come across a different kind of monster as well as enemies who attack the castle. The challenges gradually become even more difficult as you pass a new stage.

  • Map & Stages

There are 9 maps in the first version of Decentralized Tower Defense. Every map has 9 stages with difficulty stages that increase gradually. At certain stages, players need high-level NFTs to pass through it.

  • NFT Markets

The DTD team has also announced launching an NFT marketplace where players can trade NFTs among each other. For transactions, the $DTD token would be used as native currency and there will be a 5% tax for it as well.

According to the DTD roadmap, the team is preparing for the Fair stealth launch on Pancakeswap on March 22.

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