Elon Musk Joins NFT Craze, Sells A Song As His First NFT

Published March 16, 2021 | Updated March 16, 2021

Elon musk cryptotwitter
Elon musk cryptotwitter

Elon Musk Joins NFT Craze, Sells A Song As His First NFT

After influencers like Mark Cuban and Gary V, Elon Musk has also joined the NFT craze. In a tweet today he said he is selling a song as his first NFT. NFTs also known as Non-fungible token are in mainstream limelight after Beeple NFT artwork sold for $69 Million recently making him among three most expensive artist alive.

After Bitcoin, Elon Musk Joins NFT Craze


Elon Musk’s company Tesla has reportedly made millions in profit on its $1.5 Billion investment in Bitcoin. Dogecoin is other cryptocurrency about which Elon Musk has tweeted frequently driving the price of Doge coin over weeks now. He made news recently when h tweeted that Coinbase crypto exchange should list Doge Coin and since then as expected the price of Doge coin is rising sharply.

Later he tweeted he is getting a Shiba Inu, basically the breed of dog that is face of dogecoin. Though, whether Elon Musk himself is an investor/hodler of Dogecoin is not clear yet.




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