Exeedme Builds Prolific Blockchain Gaming Platform On Polkadot

Casper Brown DeFi News Publish On December 28, 2020 | Modified On December 28, 2020

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Exeedme Builds Prolific Blockchain Gaming Platform On Polkadot

One of the biggest things to happen to crypto this year is the heavy interest that rallied behind decentralized finance (DeFi). No doubt, this played a huge part in the current bull-run that propelled Bitcoin and several altcoins to new all-time highs. The quest for decentralized non-custodian financial products is chiefly fueling this rally.

With about $13.5 billion locked across the DeFi protocols, this only represents about 2% of crypto’s total market capitalization. The implication is that, despite the 16 fold increase in the Total Value Locked (TVL) across decentralized protocols in this year, the sector is a miniature representation of the industry, presenting a lot of room for future growth.

The focus is fast pivoting away from Ethereum which is the pioneering platform for DeFi. The quest for interoperability blockchains has made Polkadot the most preferred blockchain infrastructure for innovative projects to build on. Polkadot presents a strong use-case for DeFi and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which makes it the perfect blockchain for Exeedme that looks to combine Blockchain, DeFi, and NFT capabilities to revolutionize the online video gaming industry. 

Similar to Polkastarter (a Polkadot-based blockchain network) that is a DEX for cross-chain pools, Exeedme brings a cross-chain, interoperable blockchain gaming platform to over 2.7 online gamers worldwide.

What’s Unique about Exeedme Blockchain-powered Gaming Platform?

The traditional gaming platform is built on the principle of Free2Play which aggressively markets ads at strategic points in the games. Not to mention that this gaming platform is a data dumping site for unsuspecting players whose data is mined in large quantities. 

Due to the lack of transparency with traditional gaming platforms, this menace has eaten deep into the rims and fabrics of the gaming industry which has left gamers largely unsatisfied with gaming content delivery. With the help of decentralized products brought by blockchain technology, Exeedme is launching an innovative video gaming platform built atop Polkadot blockchain. 

Exeedme introduces a Play2Earn blockchain-powered gaming initiative where gamers engage in a duel in their favorite games, challenge an opponent, and get rewarded. This concept ensures that gamers are fully entertained while being paid for doing so. With the aid of blockchain technology, Exeedme decouples the dominance of middlemen who for various shady reasons contributes to why gamers receive very little compensation. 

The blockchain-based gaming platform incorporates a fair reward distribution system that doesn’t discriminate against levels, giving both pros and beginners the opportunity to earn while being entertained. 

Ahead of the platform launch, Exeedme has got a lot of backings from top players within and outside of the industry. According to information from the team, the gaming giant reached a strategic partnership with high-profile partners including Moonrock capital VYSYN, GBV Capital, Morningstar Ventures, AU21 Capital, and Spark Digital Capital. According to Exeedme, this partnership will help accelerate the growth of its gaming ecosystem:

“These partners will help us realize our goal of creating a gamer-centric and blockchain-powered tournament platform for CS: GO and other top gaming titles… We are confident that with the support of such seasoned blockchain funds that we will grow quickly and achieve all the milestones on our roadmap.”

This development is considered an important step in Exeedme’s journey to a decentralized gaming world, especially given that it has been announced just ahead of the XED asset’s listing on December 30th. There is a lot to look out for from these seasoned partners who have had valuable experience backing top blockchain projects like Polkstarter, Ultra, Elrond,  and Reef. 

Why Polkadot Blockchain?

When interoperability is needed, Polkadot presents itself as the best available option. This makes it the most preferred chain for building a highly scalable blockchain network. Polkastarter, a popular open-source sharding multichain protocol that facilitates the cross-chain transfer of any data or asset types is built on Polkadot.

Similarly, Reef, a multi-chain smart yield engine & liquidity aggregator for DeFi protocol is currently launched on Binance Launchpool is based on Polkadot as well. Exeedme’s decision to onboard Polkadot is a product of extensive research and testing. 

Keeping a tab on how big the gaming industry can become; an interchain, highly efficient network capable of handling high-level scaling and transaction throughput is much desirable which makes Polkadot the best fit. Relying on these capabilities, Exeedme is set to bring a lot of innovation to the gaming industry. 

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