Foil Network improving NFT and bridging DeFi and Dogecoin

By Stan Peterson
Published September 21, 2021 Updated September 21, 2021

Foil Network improving NFT and bridging DeFi and Dogecoin

By Stan Peterson
Published September 21, 2021 Updated September 21, 2021

Foil Network, a new generation of scalable blockchains has presented the Pure NFT standard in April 2021 as a true NFT solution for onchain provenance. 

Storing NFTs on-chain

For years crypto enthusiasts were discussing the possibility of storing the data on-chain, but due to technical limitations of existing popular blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the onchain storage was not possible or was too expensive to be delivered to public use. The innovative cross chain platform is capable of processing blocks up to 60 Mbytes in a matter of seconds, making its own developed native technology delivering the direct blockchain data storage into reality. 

A bridge from NFT to DeFi

In a matter of several months, Foil Network has been enhancing NFT and DeFi technology while sharing and launching their services into the public use. After holding the initial stage of airdrop, aimed at NFT artists and early adopters, the Foil Network Community has grown into a strong network of innovative blockchain supporters and adopters with over 50,000 retweets  counting over 10,000 participants on various social networks, including Telegram and Twitter.

Offline NFT auction

Foil Network were the first to launch an offline NFT auction, gathering various artists and NFT creators, with a first NFT documentary movie and VIP NFT ticket sold, proving that NFT technology goes beyond just digital and crypto art into the ownership rights such as property and authentic authorship, DeFi instruments, and fully capable authenticity, thanks to pseudonymous verified blockchain identities implemented into Foil ecosystem.

Integration of Dogecoin and other cryptos

The blockchain has developed and released its own Web crypto wallet and NFT platform, while making it’s multichain capable by adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Dogecoin via crypto bridges directly into the FOIL blockchain. After adoption of Dogecoin, Foil have decided to make it even better, by enabling payments in DOGE for NFTs while preparing the upcoming DeFi integrations into it’s NFT platform.

The emerging NFT issues and possible risks related to NFT data allocated onto off chain storage, including IPFS, brings a lot of unresolved questions on how safe NFT assets are in terms of ERC720 standards and various NFT platforms based on Ethereum and it’s forks, such as Binance Smart Chain. Understanding the issue of lost and altered NFTs, Foil Network continues to share it’s solutions to the mentioned problems.

World’s top crypto events

In the following months, Foil Network are proud to participate in the various Crypto Events, held in the United States, Russia and Europe. 

United States

Bezinga, world’s leading crypto and finance oriented media portal, gathering over 16M readers monthly have invited Foil Network to participate in their Virtual Crypto Event, connecting thousands of crypto entrepreneurs and investors on Aug 31 – Sep 1.

Foil Network will share the innovation and expertise in the NFT scene, while the attendees will have an opportunity to participate in upcoming important seed round and launch of the safe and reliable defi services based on Pure NFT technology.


After the Benzinga Crypto event, Foil Network plans to attend a real crypto event, Blockchain Life 2021 in Russia. The conference will gather top participants of the crypto industry in Russia and Asia, bringing together the most emerging crypto markets and ideas in a real crypto industry conference, held on October 27-28 in Moscow.

Following the important crypto forum in Russia, Foil Network will continue to Europe, sharing a presentation of the true NFT technology and innovations of the native FOIL chain. 


Foil Network will attend the Democracy4All “Blockchain For Governance” event in Barcelona, Spain. The attendees of D4A include different government officials, crypto entrepreneurs and specialists, making it the most important crypto event on the Iberian Peninsula, if not Western Europe. 

New applications, services and partnerships

Besides participation in important cryptocurrency events, Foil Network continues on developing and introducing advanced services and technologies, based on the scalable blockchain platform. The iOS based Wallet and FoilMask are about to be released, making over 6,000 FOIL token holders to be able to access the NFT and DeFi technologies behind our blockchain directly from their mobile devices and browsers, with full access to world’s leading decentralized exchanges and blockchains. NFT gallery developed behind the Foil Network opens up the doors into collectibles and make the crypto artists even better opportunities to share and promote their art worldwide with simple personalized artist profiles and exhibition spaces.

There are many new NFTs appearing on Foil Network NFT marketplace, such as collectible card games, unique characters collections with on-chain stored data to develop different independent NFT games. The web gallery is to be enhanced into a 3D gallery platform, capable of creating virtual NFT exhibitions that will provide the guests and art collectors with an experience just like at fine art museums without leaving their homes.

 Foil Network are open to any type of collaboration and continues on developing important media and blockchain partnerships, with existing top crypto partners, such as IMON, Benzinga, CryptoMediaLab,, Prometheus, DogeMillionDisco and many others.

TGE Private seed round

Development of Foil Network continues and after the initial private round, the TGE smart contract has been developed on the Ethereum network in ERC20 format. The smart contract has already passed the audit by cybersecurity experts, in order to deliver the safe and secure initial seed round for all interested investors. The Foil Pitch Deck and Whitepaper are available to the public, while Dual Token economy makes FOIL the best solution for gas fees in terms of NFT minting and creation, DeFi and p2p transactions. 

Foil Network would like to invite all blockchain adopters, investors and entrepreneurs to attend the upcoming events, including the TGE seed round, in order to acquire the early opportunity to invest into, integrate and utilise the full capacity of Global NFT market, secure DeFi platform based on true NFT technology and emerging NFT market with over 1 billion monthly sales volume and top volumes of gas transaction fees involved.

Join the evolution of NFT bridged to DeFi and with Foil Network.


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