Moon Rabbit: Seeking Eternal Life for Humankind Biologically or Digitally

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Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a brainchild of Angel Versetti, serial investopreneur, Forbes 30u30 in Finance, Dogecoin Foundation founder, Ambrosus founder and early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopter. Moon Rabbit is a unique crypto-meritocratic system based on the principles of longevity for all humankind. It comprises a meticulous system (known as jurisdictions) which are autonomous distributed networks as often found in the case of a cryptographic system. Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu infrastructure entails that Jurisdictions are capable of issuing cryptocurrencies, protocols, NFTs, internal logic, and other forms of assets. Essentially, Moon Rabbit uses Polkadot framework to build its own unique crypto ecosystem with the goal to advance the ultimate dream of humanity – to solve the mystery of life itself.

In the following section, we will discuss each and every aspect of Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu:

Aim of Moon Rabbit

The prime focus of Moon Rabbit is as unique as its structure. Longevity through technology and to allow humanity to break free from the natural constraints of mortality is the main objective of this particular crypto project. The network-based model of Moon Rabbit follows the same theme of spiritual states. The vision of Mount Olympus is the governing entity that handles cybersecurity protection for all Jurisdictions. It means that without the consultation of Mount Olympus and Moon Rabbit Temples, Jurisdictions are at risk.


 Angel Versetti is the man behind Moon Rabbit who has been known in the crypto industry as the CEO and co-founder of Ambrosus (AMB). Since childhood, Versetti has dreamed of immortality, and his expertise in crypto technology and being a serial investopreneur makes him the perfect personality to lead a unique project like Rabbit Moon. Versetti is also a part of 30 under 30 Europe – Finance. In the past Versetti worked with United Nations’ Trade and Investment Division and Dept. of Technology and Industry, Bloomberg, and the World Resources Forum. As the head of the Ambrosus project, Versetti managed to accumulate $45 million during its ICO phase and brought marketcap of Ambrosus to $650m at exit.


Through Moon Rabbit, the team is aiming to build best practices of Longevity which are Genomics and also Radical Aging Therapy. Moon Rabbit has another goal of creating Distributed Systems in three different forms which are:

  1.   Substrate
  2.   Rust
  3.   Web3

But despite these main objectives, the Moon Rabbit structure offers the ability to various Jurisdictions to work towards their endeavours and directives to add to the combined vision of Moon Rabbit. Thus, Jurisdictions, like Parachains on Polkadot, can launch any specific projects they want, like DeFi, NFT, DEX, eSports, etc. Longevity was chosen in order to find the meaning of life through the help of scientific methodology and applied philosophy. An interesting reason like Longevity makes Moon Rabbit an escape to chimeric dimensions.

Longevity DAO

The distributed autonomous organisation or DAO utilised in Moon Rabbit is in-built and based on Longevity. It is cryptographically governed by the stakeholders associated with Moon Rabbit. The purpose behind the Longevity DAO is to handle and finance the R&D related to Longevity. But the focus of Longevity DAO is on Radical Aging Prevention and Radical Aging Therapy. The project has come a long way to collaborate with the world’s greatest thinkers and active pursuers of the essence of Longevity. The end result of Longevity DAO would be a perfect and healthier lifestyle for all mankind so that the lifecycle of each human reaches a new milestone.

Technicalities and Framework

The digital infrastructure of Moon Rabbit is planned to have the following characteristics:

  1.       It would be infinitely scalable
  2.       It would support secure verification
  3.       It would be completely interoperable

The opportunity that Moon Rabbit is aiming at is the biotech market which is currently valued at a whopping $2.5 trillion. Another crypto project that has deep roots in the market related to the biotech industry is Polkadot (market capitalisation of $16.31 billion), a DeFi crypto project that has recorded an ATH of $49.90.

The number of Jurisdictions that can be established on Moon Rabbit is infinite due to the vastness of the Moon Rabbit Digital Universe. Within this Digital Universe, one could create validators, protocols, digital assets, and even decentralised autonomous organisations. Below are a few technical descriptions regarding Moon Rabbit:

  •         The Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu digital infrastructure can have a total of 8.8 trillion units of AAA i.e. the primary (Mount Olympus) digital assets units.
  •         Temples are the primary keepers of Moon Rabbit Mount Olympus. Each of these temples requires a security and trust deposit for activation.
  •         Jurisdiction governors can appoint Notaries and Scribes for proper handling and order.
  •         Initially, the Moon Rabbit needs to have a total of 5 temples and a maximum of 10 jurisdictions.

Community Support

Moon Rabbit is currently in the planning phase as it seeks support from the community. Versetti’s leadership and efforts have managed to bring over a few notable crypto-related entities like Dogecoin, Ambrosus, Syscoin, Basic Attention Token, Numeraire, LUNA, and AAVE, etc. Though there have been no updates regarding Moon Rabbit ICO as of now, it is expected to support Polkadot, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Chainlink during the process. The initial distribution would involve around 1.77 trillion units of AAA.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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