Raze Network Is Lowering the Veil on Absolute Privacy on the Blockchain

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Imagine a cloak of privacy between your actions on the blockchain or in the crypto trading arena and the rest of the DeFi ecosystem. This is exactly what RAZE are proposing with their unprecedented Raze network and native coin, RAZE. 

Raze is an interoperable protocol, based on the Substrate framework, that affords complete privacy for all on-chain transactions, including the details of both the sender and the receiver and the amount being sent. This means absolute free movement for literally any token between any chain. 

But that’s not all, additionally RAZE builds a secret bridge between all DeFi products, whereby users can cloak their entire trading history and transactional history, allowing them to move secretly across all DeFi products across the entire DeFi infrastructure and any Web3.0 protocol.It allows developers to build decentralized projects using the open-source Raze Network. It works with UnSwap, AAVE, Compound and the entire DeFi infrastructure on both Polkadot and Cosmos.

RAZE At the Heart of the Network

The native token RAZE can be mined completely anonymously to retain security for the users’ holdings. These private tokens have a ratio of 1:1 against other tokens, meaning any token can become anonymized. Holders of RAZE have full governance and voting rights. Users can then transform their anonymous RAZE token back to the source token, using the Redeem feature. The final string to Raze’s bow is that they enable anonymous transferral of the token. The token is subject to burns to enhance the market value of RAZE.

The RAZE Token Sale

The RAZE token sale will take place today between 12th -13th April 2021, under the ticker RAZE. The ICO token price is $0.25 per RAZE, with the goal of selling 960,000 tokens on the Polkadot network. They are clearly appealing to many in the community as they have seen an 88 times oversubscription to their latest round of fundraising. Meanwhile, they raised $2.2 million in both the seed and private rounds. These saw participation from leading VC firms which included OKEx Block Dream Fund, AU21 Capital, MarketAcross, Master Ventures, CMS Holdings, X21, and many more. 

The ultimate goal of the Raze network is to enhance the depth of liquidity across Polkadot using its cross-chain interoperability with all chains, including Ethereum.

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