The New Internet Might Be Just Around the Corner

By Casper Brown
Published March 8, 2021 Updated March 8, 2021
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The New Internet Might Be Just Around the Corner

By Casper Brown
Published March 8, 2021 Updated March 8, 2021

If you build, they will come – the criminals that is. Always one step ahead, and the internet is rife with cybercrime. In a perpetual game of cat and mouse, the websites and apps we use constantly seek to outsmart the cybercriminals before they fall foul, effectively costing the users extra work in verification, authentication, and ever more complex passwords in the non-stop pursuit for more protection.

The original idea behind the internet was a beautiful one that ran parallel with that of cryptos. It was the idea of putting everyone on the same level, with no administrator or authority managing what we wrote, what we built and what we created. It has been the perfect place to exchange ideas, to support each other and to advertise our products freely. However, in the background something more sinister has been taking place. In the last decade or so, control has been firmly taken out of the user’s hands and placed in the hands of a small group of social media sites and search engines.

As the saying goes, if you don’t know what the product is, then you are the product. No truer than in the case of Google and Facebook who seek to gather as much data on every user as possible to benefit their advertisers.  Every time you commit an action on social media or Google, it is well and truly logged in the system in a turn of events that has become much more like our existing financial system where all transactions are monitored centrally in order to learn about our spending habits.

This has all come at the cost of the users’ privacy. The idea behind bitcoin and the other cryptos was to take away those middlemen seeking to gain and to put everyone on the same anonymous playing field. The blockchain, meanwhile, is the perfect solution to the problem of authenticating and verifying transactions.

A World with No Ad Fraud

Ask any internet advertiser what his biggest bugbear is when working with an advertising network, and he might say lack of transparency, poor conversion, and optimization but he will definitely tell you about advertising fraud. Now, decentralize advertising by plucking out the middleman and then stick it all on the blockchain as a protocol and suddenly things are looking very different.

You have a product that not only analyzes, monitors and optimizes itself as it learns, but you also have a project which takes out human interference and gives accurate and untampered tracking. The perfect solution. This is exactly what AdEx have achieved, in their unique proposition for advertisers which puts advertising on the blockchain, and maybe goes to explain why this Estonian registered company jumped from just 159 private beta users to an astonishing 6200+ in just a single year. This represents y-o-y growth of an incredible 3800%. It gives us just a little taste of the amazing things we can achieve when we take the power back and continue in our pursuit for decentralization.


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