PR: 100x Bitcoin Leverage Trading: PrimeXBT Platform Introduced!

By Guest Author
Published January 30, 2019 Updated January 30, 2019
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PR: 100x Bitcoin Leverage Trading: PrimeXBT Platform Introduced!

By Guest Author
Published January 30, 2019 Updated January 30, 2019

PrimeXBT, a new 4th generation cryptocurrency trading platform bringing the most powerful functionality toolset for traders on the market, is launching next week to an energized waiting list of over 125,000 early-adopters.

From the launch of PrimeXBT of 4th February, there will initially be 5 cryptocurrency pairs with the highest liquidity provided to users:  BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD and EOS/USD. Most importantly, 100x leverage (or margin) will be provided on all available digital assets from day one.

Over time additional pairs will be added, but by starting out with a limited number of the most popular cryptocurrencies where issues such as ‘pump and dumps’ and ‘51% attacks’ are mitigated.

Primexbt cryptocurrency trading platform with 100x leverage

9 Reasons to Trade on PrimeXBT Platform

While many of the platforms connecting traders with crypto-assets consist of only a narrow set of tools, PrimeXBT incorporates a wide range of features and order types, allowing for both beginners and experienced users to execute advanced trading strategies with relative ease. PrimeXBT platform is setting a bar high for the industry and here are the reasons why you should consider opening your personal trading account.

  • 100x leverage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others

Leverage is a key feature of a PrimeXBT trading platform and can be a powerful tool for a trader. Anyone can use it to take advantage of comparatively small price movements and to make capital grow faster.

PrimeXBT offers the highest leverage ratios (up to 100x) on the cryptocurrency market, providing users with opportunities to vastly increase the profitability of successful trading strategies and to trade with volumes significantly larger than possible without such leverage.

  • Short Selling Crypto-Assets

Throughout bear markets and periods of price decline, trading platforms that do not provide the ability to short certain assets (for example Bitcoin) prevent users from profiting during these periods.

PrimeXBT provides the mechanisms required for traders to short against cryptocurrencies and to profit from decreases in price as well as increases.

  • Aggregated Liquidity from 12 Providers

Slippage and the inability to create effective positions because of lower volumes are mitigated against by combining the liquidity from 12 other leading exchanges.  This provides the ability to accurately execute on trading strategies whilst achieving ideal market entry prices and ensures that trades of any size are able to be made on PrimeXBT.

  • Multiple order types

PrimeXBT provides 5 types of orders available to users:  Market, Limit, Stop, OCO, and Protection orders. Protection orders are specifically suitable for beginners and are placed to execute if the price moves against an existing position, effectively protecting from potential losses.

  • Sophisticated Security Measures

Cryptographic password hashing, cold storage of assets, DDOS protection and two-factor authentication come as standard on all PrimeXBT trading accounts, ensuring that market-leading security protocols are in place for all users.

Prime XBT implements additional protection of client funds in the form of a forced Whitelisting procedure for withdrawing addresses.

This procedure is carried out in order to secure your deposit. If the attackers manage to somehow get your username and password from your personal account on Prime XBT, they will not be able to withdraw funds to a BTC address that you have not confirmed.

  • No KYC – Simple Registration in Under One Minute

The burden of KYC approval is removed at PrimeXBT, allowing for expedited and anonymous account creation.  Registration and trading require only the verification of an email address, allowing for truly-anonymous cryptocurrency trading.

By removing KYC requirements and streamlining the account registration process, PrimeXBT allows globally-dispersed traders from around the world to quickly and easily set up an account and begin accessing cryptocurrency markets.

  • Mobile Access for iOS and Android

Trading can be managed on-the-go with PrimeXBT’s native iOS and Android mobile apps.  Connect to your trading account via the PrimeXBT app, to open and close positions, manage deposits and withdrawals all from your phone – anywhere, anytime.

  • Funding via Credit Card or other Cryptocurrencies

PrimeXBT has implemented necessary integration, which allows all users to buy Bitcoin with the credit card or swap any other cryptocurrency and deposit it directly to their Bitcoin address at PrimeXBT.

  • Up To 10-Times Higher Payouts with PrimeXBT Referral Program

By signing up for the Referral Program, users can enjoy the highest payout rates for referrals and signups in the industry.  PrimeXBT provides a multi-level referral system, allowing users to earn significantly more than other cryptocurrency referral programs.

Signing Up, Funding and Trading

The process of signing up, funding a trading account and beginning to trade on PrimeXBT couldn’t be easier.  Extensive thought and planning have gone into the UI of the platform, with the aim to provide a powerful-yet-simple system to optimize and execute successful cryptocurrency-based trading strategies.

Signing Up:

The PrimeXBT registration process has been designed to be streamlined, requiring only the verification of an email address in order to deposit and begin trading.

KYC verification is not required in order to use PrimeXBT, and personal details such as name, address and phone numbers are also removed from the registration process to ensure anonymity and to facilitate simplicity when signing up.

Once an email address has been provided, provide a password for the account and agree to the terms of service.  Following the verification of the email address, users can access their account and fund their account for trading.


Within the account dashboard, the ‘Deposits’ section can be clearly seen to the left of the page.  Once in the Deposits section, an automatically-assigned Bitcoin funding address will be visible in your account.


Both the Bitcoin deposit wallet address and a QR code representing this wallet can be found in the Deposits section, and once a deposit has been made and cleared on the Bitcoin blockchain, this will be reflected in your account.

There are no fees on deposits made to PrimeXBT, although there is a minimum deposit amount of 0.001 BTC.

If you’d like to use other deposit methods instead of making a direct Bitcoin deposit, the payment widget can be found in the ‘Alternative Deposits’ tab within the Deposits section.


There is a 3-step process to be able to trade on PrimeXBT:

  1. Make a deposit into your account in order to fund your trades.
  2. Once your account is funded with Bitcoin, transfer it to your Trading account.
  3. Start Trading by clicking on the ‘Trade’ tab in the account dashboard.

The Account Summary is found in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard and provides important information such as balances, equity, unrealized profit, and loss, used margin, available margin, and available margin percentage.

Trades may be placed from either a) the Watchlist Widget, b) the Chart Widget and c) the Dashboard Widget.

Once a trade has been placed, the Positions Widget can be easily used to track and modify all current positions.  The order can also be adjusted within the Orders Widget, allowing for the replacement of one order with another.

PrimeXBT Launch Day: 4th February

Following months of development and preparation, PrimeXBT is ready to revolutionize the way in which cryptocurrency-focused traders engage with the markets.  

With much anticipation, the waiting list to get first-access to the platform has ballooned to over 125,000 users from around the world and continues to grow each day leading up to launch day.  

If you’d like to be a part of the PrimeXBT launch event and to join the waitlist, registration can be found at  For more information about PrimeXBT and the powerful features available on the platform check out


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