Anonymix Review: Secure, Anonymous And Convenient Bitcoin Mixer

By Casper Brown
Published May 5, 2020 Updated June 18, 2020

Anonymix Review: Secure, Anonymous And Convenient Bitcoin Mixer

In this project review we focus on Bitcoin mixer (tumbler), Anonymix, which offers a totally anonymous, clear, low-fee, and convenient platform for users to ‘privately send their Bitcoins’.


At its launch, Bitcoin was touted as an anonymity focused platform but over the years users of BTC are coming to realize the top crypto is not as anonymous as they thought. Yes, Bitcoin’s trustworthiness is unmatched in the cryptocurrency field but the platform lacks facelessness in that a closer analysis at the blockchain can reveal relationships across wallets. This has seen the term “pseudonymous” being used to correctly describe BTC.

Crypto-centric users are inclined to privacy which has forced some of them to move to other cryptocurrencies that ensure total obscurities such as Monero, Dash, and ZCash. Others select Bitcoin mixers or tumblers to obscure the origin wallet of the BTC by mixing together several transactions in one pool before sending them out to specific wallets.

Challenges facing the adoption of Bitcoin mixers

However, the current crop of mixers faces a number of challenges including:

  • High fees for the mixing service.
  • High minimum and low maximum limits on the funding amount.
  • Traceability of BTC from the mixers.
  • Constant attacks from authorities.
  • Scams popping out of the industry.

A solution to most of these problems lies in an upcoming Bitcoin mixer, Anonymity, a registration free BTC tumbler on the

What is Anonymix?

Anonymix is a top-level Bitcoin mixer offering high levels of privacy, low fees, and anonymity to its customers.

How to use

Anonymix provides a clear, user-friendly, and fast platform for novices and experts alike to use without trouble. Bitcoin mixing is not as techy as it sounds and with the Anonymix platform, any Bitcoin holder can quickly, anonymously, and safely blend their BTC into clean untraceable coins.

Here is a quick guide on how to get the most out of the Anonymix Bitcoin mixer.

  1. Launch the official Anonymix website on your browser or Tor browser.
  2. Enter the wallet address you would like your coins to be sent to.
  3. Select the time period you would like the mixing process to start. “Quick” mix allows immediate blending and release of the Bitcoin after one confirmation. However, while the “Delay” function creates a gap between when a user sends in his/her deposits, and when he/she receives the output. A user can choose up to 24 hours for the delay.
  4. Select the funding percentages for each address.
  5. Enter the Captcha code.
  6. Deposit the BTC
  7. Press enter and wait for the confirmation.
  8. Receive the clean BTC coins.

Features of Anonymix Bitcoin mixer

The main question raised by users of Bitcoin mixers mainly ranges around anonymity and that’s an area that Anonymix beats its competitors in. There are several factors that reduce the anonymity of a mixer such as registration requirements, reserving logs of transactions, and open clear net platforms that increase the probability of transactions being traced back to a specific wallet through IP addresses.

Anonymity solves each of these issues providing a no logs policy, manual time lag mixing, and a Tor website to ensuring the anonymity of the user. Below are some of the distinctive features that Anonymix offers.

·         Manual fund mixing selection

In what most mixers today miss, Anonymix offers. The platform allows users to manually select the fund they would like to send their coins to. Furthermore, you can specify the percentage of funds you would like to send to each fund.

·         No logs

A common case across Bitcoin mixers is the logs policy that allows the platforms to keep records of customers’ transactions long after the blending is complete. This reduces the level of anonymity as the mixers may reveal information that may be traced back to you.

Due to this, Anonymix maintains strict “No registration” and “No Logs” policies to protect its users’ privacy. The platform retains mixed data on their servers for a maximum of a week then deletes the history permanently. Users can also delete their personal mixing history manually immediately after the transaction is complete.

·         Withdrawals to over 10 addresses

One of the easiest ways to cleanse or blend your BTC is by sending smaller portions of the funds to different addresses making it harder for anyone to track the destination of the funds or link it to you. Anonymix provides up to 10 addresses for users to withdraw their funds ensuring anonymity is maintained.

·         Competitive funding rates

The minimum and maximum funding amounts for every mixer vary dictating how much a user can actually blend. Anonymix allows minimum deposits of 0.002 BTC (~18 USD) and up to 100 BTC (~900,000 USD) per day catering for the small scale retailers as well as the Bitcoin whales with privacy needs. The maximum rate changes in accordance with the platform’s BTC reserves at any given time.

Notwithstanding, the platform also allows users total control over the allocation of their funds to different addresses. As mentioned before, the random picking of addresses by several mixers caused a

How much are the fees?

Anonymix is one of the cheapest Bitcoin mixers in the industry today. Fees are an essential part of the mixing BTC properties keeping the mixer in business, obviously. They are also important in increasing the anonymity of the BTC transaction due to the amount deposited in the mixer slightly changing once withdrawn adding an extra layer of protection.

Anonymix currently charges a fixed rate of 0.3% per transaction on the platform. To send the mixed BTC to multiple output addresses as mentioned above, an extra rate of 0.0001BTC is charged per address.


·         The Anonymix raffle ticket

Every transaction completed on Anonymix automatically enters you into their raffle ticket program. The BTC mixer also provides a raffle winning ticket for every 100th mixer wining a percentage of their transaction. This ensures more addresses are used on the platform increasing the obscurity and also switches the amounts of the winning ticket adding an extra layer of anonymity.

·         The Tor browser mixer/ Clearnet mixer

Users who wish to take their BTC off the clearnet for more privacy can use the Tor browser-based website. This provides an extra layer of anonymity as search engines, browsers, and ISPs can easily be traced back. You can access the Tor website here: http://anonymixtnq67qer.onion and the mirror site at

·         The certificate of origin

The platform offers a certificate of origin for every mix confirming the coins you received came from Anonymix.


As we conclude the project review of Anonymix, the most persistent question that users ask – “Is using Anonymix bitcoin mixer illegal?” Well the direct answer to this is no, using Anonymix is perfectly legal. However, if your tokens are from an illegal source then you can have a run-in with authorities.

We recommend you only use the coin mixer for legal and privacy purposes only.

You can learn more from http://anonymixtnq67qer.onion  or

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