Bankera Loans: The Best Lending Platform for Crypto Owners?

By Achal Arya
February 11, 2020 Updated February 11, 2020
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Finding crypto loans is a daunting task. First off, you have to worry about not getting scammed. If you find a legitimate creditor, you might have to settle for exploitative interests. But that’s not the case with Bankera Loans, a fast-growing lending option for crypto owners.

An Overview

Bankera Loans is developed by the same team behind Bankera and SpectroCoin with over 6 years of experience in the fintech and crypto markets. Despite having other players in the industry offering similar services, the company has made a name for itself due to low-interest rates and the ease of accessing the loans for both individuals and businesses all over the world.

The major difference is that Bankera Loans is a financing alternative for cryptocurrency owners who need funding and do not want to liquidate their holdings. Depending on the loan amount, loans offered by Bankera can be segmented into three categories:

  • Micro
  • Standard
  • Large

Micro loans

As the name suggests, micro loans is the lowest category in terms of the loan amount that can be obtained and ranges from 25 EUR to 1000 EUR. When applying for a loan, clients are required to choose among three available loan packages depending on their needs.

The three packages offered by Bankera Loans are: The lowest rates, Most popular and Max LTV. These packages are meant to ease clients’ understanding of the interest rates being charged on the loans borrowed and the collateral currencies accepted.

Clients can choose from the three packages depending on the amount of loan they need and the amount of collateral in their Loan Wallet. The loan to value ratio (LTV) ranges from 25% to as high as 75% (one of the highest on the market). Interest rates will, of course, depend on the package chosen. Lowest LTV package has the minimum interest rate, and the Max LTV package has the highest interest rate.

When applying for a micro loan, a range of cryptocurrencies can be used as collateral. They include (BTC),  Ether (ETH), NEM (XEM), and Dash (DASH). 

Standard loan

This category offers loans ranging from 1000 EUR to a maximum of 5000 EUR. The LTV and interest rates again will depend on the loans package that a client selects. However, if a client chooses the Most popular or Max LTV as their loan package option, the collateral currencies accepted will only be limited to Bitcoin and Ether.

Large loan

Loans falling under the Large loan category range from 5000 EUR up to a maximum of 1 million EUR. It’s open to both individuals and corporate organizations, and terms of accessing the loan are the same as those of the other categories.


The process of acquiring loans at Bankera Loans

Getting a crypto-backed loan at Bankera Loans is pretty simple. Follow the steps below:


Start with signing up so that you can create a Bankera Loans account. The whole process will only take you a minute or so.


Once you are logged in, you will need to load your Bankera Loans wallet with the cryptocurrency that you’ll use as your collateral. Once you have deposited the cryptos in your wallet, you’ll be directed by prompts to where you are provided with the loan amount available for you.


Before your loan is approved, you’ll need to select the loan package that suits you best. As discussed earlier, the packages are segmented into the Lowest rates, Most popular and Max LTV. Then you will need to select your preferred withdrawal amount and currency. Bankera Loans offers both fiat and crypto withdrawal options including Euro (EUR), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), NEM (XEM), Dash (DASH), and Bankera’s own cryptocurrency — Banker token (BNK). 

You will also need to choose your loan repayment period, which can either be short term or long term depending on your choice. There is no fixed loan repayment schedule meaning loans can be repaid even before the loan maturity date. Either way, the maximum period should not exceed 24 months. However, Bankera Loans offers a possibility to extend the loan term to another year with higher interest rates if the deadline is not met.

The amount of collateral will be calculated automatically depending on the amount of loan you are borrowing. Once you are done, you will see your loan amount and all the conditions displayed on one page. Click accept and wait for your loan application to be reviewed. If approved, you will receive the full loan amount which will be deposited into your Bankera Loans account.

Terms of Accessing Bankera Loans

Unlike traditional money lenders, Bankera Loans services are much more accessible and customizable to fit personal requirements like loan duration, amount, collateral currencies and withdrawal options. Additionally, the loans are acquired against the deposited amount, something which is not available in the traditional credit systems. 

Once you have read the terms and conditions laid out for Bankera Loans, you’ll need to click accept right before the loan request is submitted as an indication that you agree to all the terms given.

Fee charged 

The interest rates charged on loans depend on the package that a client chooses. Each package dictates the amount of interest to be charged within the 1 or 2 years’ time frame. The loan condition packages are as follows;

  • Lowest rates; from 6.95% for 25% LTV
  • Most popular; from 9.95% for 50% LTV
  • Max LTV; from 12.95% for 75% LTV

The interest rates are much lower if you choose BNK token as the repayment currency.  

Bankera Loans is also in the process of introducing more crypto coins to add to those accepted as collateral currency. Such moves will ease the process of accessing Bankera Loans as one won’t have to go through currency conversions in case the client doesn’t hold the accepted currency. 

Customer Support

Bankera Loans services can be accessed by clients from anywhere in the world. The company boasts of a competent customer support team that is available 24h/7. Reach out to the company support at [email protected] or through their live chat feature.

Achal is an entrepreneur and a product designer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. He works in the Web3 domain and manages new developments at Coingape. Follow him on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach him at achal[at]
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