Crypto Review: Transfer Bitcoin’s “Anonymously” On Blockchain Using

Crypto Review: Transfer Bitcoin’s “Anonymously” On Blockchain Using

As far as Bitcoin mixers go, offers one of the most user-friendly, cost-efficient, and most obscure services in the market today.

Bitcoin, the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, promises a quick way of transferring value from one wallet to another around the globe – pseudonymously.

I know most of you may be wondering why “pseudonymous and not anonymous” -as you may have heard before. Well, Bitcoin is not as anonymous as once touted across the community. In the past, well-worked research on Bitcoin transactions on specific wallets has revealed links between the transactions on a specific wallet and the wallet traced back to the owner – effectively showing a kind of loophole in BTC’s anonymity promise.

While this is good for the transparency on the blockchain, private users prefer having their transactions anonymous.

Bitcoin’s “Pseudonymous” Challenges Explained, Boon Or Threat?

Bitcoin’s public blockchain allows anyone to follow through the transactions on a specific wallet getting every detail on the transactions as explained before. While the public nature ensures accountability on the chain, it fails to provide the total anonymity promised in the whitepaper. Many of the users escape from the fiat and banking systems to Bitcoin in search of privacy on the network, aiming to keep their purchases and wallet activity away from the eye of hackers and the government authorities as well.

This weakness in Bitcoin has seen early adopters in search of extreme privacy switch to more private cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), and Zcash (ZEC).

However, Bitcoin’s liquidity and overall dominance in the markets make it more appealing to users forcing them to use the currency despite its anonymity weaknesses. Such users can now easily transact their BTC coins privately and anonymously for a small fee on Bitcoin Mixers, which obscure the users’ BTC making them “clean and anonymous”.  Send/Receive Bitcoin’s Anonymously

As seen above, the connection to your Bitcoin wallet can easily reveal the true identity behind a transaction but Bitcoin mixing ensures obscurity of the transactions. How exactly?

Let’s say you have some bitcoins in a KYC compliant exchange hence your details are linked to the account. Some analysis on your wallet address will reveal your information. Given your affinity to the coin, you decide to “clean” the coins through a mixer – adding a layer of anonymity.

Once sent to the mixer, the coins will be mixed with thousands of other transactions, dissolving your transaction into one big pool. Once mixed, the pool sends back the full amount of BTC (minus a small fee) to your preferred (now unlinked) wallet.

“We take coins from all our clients, mix them up, and send completely new coins to the wallet of your choice.” – website

However compared to other mixers, offers users multiple choices on which pool you would like to send your BTC coins to. Remember the tough analysis done on the blockchain to reveal true identities? If that analysis is done, all that will be seen is your transaction to an address and many different transactions sent out from that address. Your transaction and BTC are now obscured giving you the much-needed privacy in your financial records.

NB: Remember, holding your coins in a centralized wallet address reduces your chances to keep your transactions anonymous.


  • Large/ Multiple pools to select from: One of the most important aspects of a Bitcoin mixer, is the availability of multiple transactions coming in and out of the pool to highly obscure the transactions. offers users five addresses to send out their BTC to.
  • Delay feature: The mixer also allows users to either immediately send the transaction (using the “Rapid” button) or set a delay from a couple of minutes to hours before the transaction is completed. The delay feature between the deposit time and the withdrawal also increases the anonymity of the transaction.
  • Enhanced privacy websites: For users who would like to further make their transactions even more secure, offers a Tor browser website. You can find it here>> btcmixnqyq7kljrr.onion.
  • No logs policy: Worrying that the FBI or other governmental authorities may come knocking down’s doors asking for the records? Well, the company employs a no-logs policy which automatically deletes every transaction log in the past week. Want it faster? The platform also offers a manual delete function immediately after completing the transaction.
  • Superior user functionality: The platform also offers a user-friendly platform for anyone to easily mix their Bitcoins fast and securely.

Simple Steps To Use The Mixer

  1. Go to homepage, start a New Mix

  1. On the resulting page, enter the receiving wallet address (where you would like the BTC to be sent to).
  2. On the drop-down menu on the right of the “address” box, select whether you would like a “Rapid” or “Delayed” transaction.

NB: The Delay function offers higher anonymity on the transaction. You can set any delayed period from 1 hour to 12 hours.

  1. Enter the Captcha Code and press Continue.
  2. On the next page, copy your mix ID. This is VERY important. You should copy your mix ID before sending any BTC to Bitcoinmixer.
  3. Send the BTC you want to mix to the deposit address. (Remember, wrong input of wallet addresses and invalid addresses cannot be reversed, check your wallet addresses twice before sending.)
  4. You have successfully mixed your BTC.

If you send a rapid transaction, the BTC will be sent to the selected address in a couple of minutes. For delayed transactions, check for your BTC in the input wallet address after the time set elapses.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

·         What is the Mix ID for?

Use your mix ID to check the status of your mix or to restore your mix if your browser crashes after you send your deposit. Always save your mix ID until your mix is complete and you have received your new bitcoins.

·         What is the minimum amount of BTC I can mix?

The smallest amount of BTC currently allows in the mixer is 0.0002 BTC. Any amount smaller than this is treated as a donation.

·         The mixing fees? charges a service fee of 0.25% plus a transaction fee for each transaction and an extra 0.000001 BTC per payment address.


Bitcoin was created to offer people control over their own money, keeping the imbalanced practices by financial authorities, governments, and corporations in check. Moreover, the right to financial privacy is another big promise by the blockchain, and Bitcoin mixers are pushing to make this a reality.

As we conclude, questions on whether mixing BTC on illegal have arisen in the past. The short answer to this question is no. But if you mix illegally sourced BTC, or plan to use the mixed BTC for illegal purposes, then you will be breaking the law.

Disclaimer The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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I am an associate content producer for the news section of Coingape. I have previously worked as a freelancer for numerous sites and have covered a dynamic range of topics from sports, finance to economics and politics.
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