the Cryptocurrency Exchange the Market Needs

By Guest Author
Published March 20, 2021 Updated March 22, 2021
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Wallet the Cryptocurrency Exchange the Market Needs

By Guest Author
Published March 20, 2021 Updated March 22, 2021

Cryptocurrencies are seeing soaring demand as of late. According to data firm CivicScience, since the latter half of 2019, the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies has grown by 50%, with almost one in ten people surveyed owning some form of crypto. Usage has also seen positive growth, doubling in the same period to 7% of the population surveyed.

Those figures are backed by market data too. Institutional demand for crypto assets is prompting the likes of Goldman Sachs to re-establish crypto trading desks, while retail interest shows no signs of slowing.

Is the Supply Ready for Demand?

Accordingly, exchanges are scrambling to handle the tsunami of traffic as eager buyers gobble up the limited supply they offer. And while many may tout decentralized exchanges (DEXs) as an alternative, with peer-to-peer transactions settled by smart contracts, these platforms are inaccessible for new crypto buyers. Compared to centralized exchanges (CEXs) that are operated by companies or individuals using proprietary software, DEXs still bear many flaws:

  • A high technological entry barrier for newcomers, with complicated processes to operate wallets and complete trades.
  • Poor liquidity, with tiny order books or liquidity pools hardly enough to soak up large orders from institutional clients without creating slippage.
  • Poor scalability, as demonstrated by Ethereum’s long-suffering DEX users, forced to pay through the nose for simple transactions due to congestion of on-chain activity on an infrastructure designed only to process up to 3,000 transactions per second.
  • A lack of customer support, with most DEXs offering little in the way of guidance or post-service support.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the majority of crypto trading volume to this day happens at CEXs, with their “customer first” approach appealing to new crypto entrants, who place trust and user experience above more esoteric concepts of sovereign money and democratized finance.

A Modern Solution for Modern Crypto Challenges

To deal with the coming tsunami of demand, exchanges like Bitsz are rising to the fore, taking even further the concepts of ease of trading and expansive crypto offerings. Leveraging 4th Industrial Revolution technologies like AI and machine learning to facilitate the needs of both crypto newbies to professional institutional investors, its ultimate goal is to build a universal marketplace for the global cryptocurrency community to conduct real-time spot, margin, and over-the-counter trading.

Powering Bitsz isTruetrade – a digital exchange powered by the industry’s fastest trading engine that can support up to 10 million transactions per second (that’s 3,000 the capacity of Ethereum), ensuring no lag on order settlement, and the best rate on executions. 

Uniquely, the Bitszbot feature allows for automatic trading of options and binary — suitable for the advanced trader wanting to maximize trading opportunities for crypto. Better still, answering the constant issues of market manipulation in crypto, Bitsz actively monitors the networks for artificial activity that could signal manipulation via deep data and machine learning.

All the features you could ever ask for from an exchange are here, with even more functionality on the way, including payment via KYC-verified wallets with credit/debit cards, lending and borrowing facilities via paperless smart contracts that allow ownership retention.

Driven by Bitszcoin

Native token Bitszcoin (BITSZ) will unlock the powerful utility of the entire Bitsz ecosystem, with the support raised by it used to fund future development as detailed on the Bitsz whitepaper and release roadmap

With 10,000 projected users in Q2 2021 set to grow to 1.2 million web and mobile users by 2022, Bitsz, which is a Quark-type coin with only 100M total supply, there is every reason to believe that the universal trading marketplace unleashing the value of crypto can soon be achieved.

A total of 25 million BITSZ will be available for private funding pre-ICO with a 2-year holding lock, before a public sale of 60 million BITSZ will be held. The remainder of the supply (15 million) will be locked for 3 years for developers, founders, and the marketing team.

For more information about Bitsz and their products, visit their website here


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