BNB Banker: A Decentralized Yield Farm Build on the Binance Smart Chain

By Guest Author
Published November 26, 2021 Updated November 26, 2021

BNB Banker: A Decentralized Yield Farm Build on the Binance Smart Chain

By Guest Author
Published November 26, 2021 Updated November 26, 2021

The core focus of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), an innovative offshoot of blockchain technology is to create a world where digital currencies power a better financial model for everyone. BNB Banker is one of the emerging decentralized applications looking to help users advance the opportunities available to them to earn income in a fair and equitable way.

The BNB Banker protocol is a fully decentralized yield farm built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network that was launched this fourth quarter of 2021. Despite its newness, the protocol is showcasing a number of promising features that are designed to bring its core mission of empowering all of its users financially to life.

The protocol is a set of unique smart contracts that are open source and has been subjected to a very well-acclaimed audit by the blockchain security protocol, HazeCrypto. By using the BNB Banker protocol, users can earn a very high ROI simply by depositing their BNB for a limited time period.

Protocol Functionality, and Onboarding 

The BNB Branker platform is created with a very unique design with the aim of enhancing users’ experiences. Each of the unique features of the platform can be accessed easily on the homepage, while at the click of a few icons, users can access any feature that is not directly listed on the platform’s homepage.

The BNB Banker is fast, efficient, and secure to all users, with a listing on the BscScan and DappRadar as additional ways to legitimize the protocol. The platform is currently gaining popularity as a protocol that pays out competitive earnings to users who deposit their Binance Coin (BNB) into the platform.

The BNB Banker protocol offers three tiers of yield farm opportunities including those that run for 30 days, 60 days, and 100 days respectively. The respective Return on Investment (ROI) for each of these staking options increases as the number of days increases with the 30 days option brandishing a 120% or 4% daily ROI. The 60 days and 100 days options showcase 150% and 200% respectively. The platform has earmarked a minimum amount of funds required to participate in either of these pools at a fixed rate of 0.05 BNB which in current valuation is worth about $32 each.

Onboarding as a participant on the BNB Banker platform is very easy to do. Users will need to visit the platform’s homepage here and connect their wallets to the DApp. The supported wallets include Metamask, Trust Wallet, Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets and Wallet Connect amongst others.

Since the protocol runs on the Binance Smart Chain network, the coin that is required to deposit is BNB which can be sourced from any source, but the recommended places include buying on exchanges (Centralized or Decentralized) that support BNB BEP20.

BNB Banker’s Referral Program

As a way to incentivize community leaders and influencers who would like to promote the BNB Banker protocol, there is a dedicated referral program designed to reward such persons. Users who wish to be a BNB Banker affiliate can sign up for free and gain access to the 3 Level Referral system in which they can earn up to 12%.

The first level in the referral system pays 7%, the second level pays 3% and the third level pays 2% for each referred visitor to the platform. While all the rewards are paid out instantly to all eligible participants, the BNB Banker protocol also distributes extra influencer bonuses up to 10% when the platform hits new milestones in total asset locked. 

The influencer bonus can be up to 500 BNB when the total locked amount equals 5,000 BNB, and this bonus is distributed based on the individual contributions of each influencer in the referral program.

Banking on Sustainability

BNB Banker is a future-oriented protocol that aims to build a sustainable, blockchain and DeFi powered financial product that will be beneficial to all. While the project strives to keep its remuneration and APY competitive, it also places an enormous emphasis on ecosystem stability. The logic is that a very high APY can disrupt the system as whales or high networth investors can invade the platform for their selfish gains.

The entire design of the platform is focused on preventing this form of vulnerability as the BNB Banker team plans to continue developing its ecosystem based on feedback from its community.


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