Buy Bitcoin, US Dollar Will Become Worthless: Warns Kim Dotcom over Impending Big Crash

By Anjali Tyagi
Published August 13, 2018 Updated August 13, 2018
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Buy Bitcoin, US Dollar Will Become Worthless: Warns Kim Dotcom over Impending Big Crash

By Anjali Tyagi
Published August 13, 2018 Updated August 13, 2018

The US debt is increasing at a rapid pace and with the big crash coming up, Kim Dotcom is emphasizing people to invest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and gold as economies are going to crash making US Dollar worthless in the process.

US debt to spiral out of control, Bitcoin is the best bet

Everyone is talking about the impending crash that will make economies collapse, stock market to take a hit, and fiat currencies to crash. From Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author to industry experts and analysts all have incessantly emphasized on the grievousness of the situation.

The latest addition to this list is Kim Dotcom, a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur, and political activist. Yesterday he Tweeted that a big crash is indeed coming and cryptocurrencies and gold will be the best hedge in the coming tough times.

He shared the astronomical debt value stating,

“The average total debt per family in the US is now at 845000 USD. The average unfunded liability in the US is now at 938000 USD per taxpayer. Anyone who thinks US debt can be solved with economic growth, new debt or printing more dollars is an idiot. US Empire will default.”

These recent tweets have been in continuation with his tweets a few days back, where he stated:

He further illustrated the upcoming collapse:

“Trump was handed an Empire on life support. No trade deal, no economic growth, no tariff or war can save this patient. Top economists around the world agree that US debt is unsustainable. There is no sugar coating this. US Empire is broke. Prepare for collapse. Gold and Bitcoin.”

However, he also shared the plan to get by through these difficult times with this Tweet.

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National currencies losing value all across the world

Dotcom has been crypto favorable for a long time and his warnings are not unfounded as, as per the latest report from Congressional Budget Office, in the last 10 months the federal deficit has gone up 20%.

By the end of this year, the deficit is expected to hit $793 billion and in 2019, this will reach $1 trillion. The interest payments on this debt are forecasted to become the fastest rising expenditure on a yearly basis.

If we take a look at the national currencies of the countries around the world, many are already losing their value. Recently, Turkey’s Lira plunged dangerously as it lost 40% of its value that resulted in a surge in the trading volume of cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Now, South Africa’s Rand has hit a 2-year low and recently Pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yuan also saw a downward trend. As is happening in Turkey, it just might spread out in other countries as well, especially amidst the ongoing US-China trade war.


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