Club Swan Review: A Beautiful App for Purchasing, Storing and Spending Crypto

Published January 31, 2020 | Updated January 31, 2020


Club Swan Review: A Beautiful App for Purchasing, Storing and Spending Crypto

By now, crypto is pretty popular worldwide. From coffee shops in the US to Japanese restaurants, Brazilian Universities to malls around the world, there are lots of places to spend your crypto. 

With the help of Club Swan, spending your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a lot more convenient. Club Swan makes it easier to access your funds quicker with a 5 minute or less enrollment process, multiple currency wallets, crypto to cash in minutes and a globally accepted payment card. 

Club Swan Overview

Club Swan is an innovative lifestyle membership service provider offering crypto-friendly accounts, travel discounts, and other membership benefits aimed at elevating the members’ quality of life and financial status. 


They deliver high-quality service standards to their members all around the globe. The platform makes financial services and life much more comfortable. Club Swan also offers 24/7 concierge services, global shopping services, discounted travel, and supports crypto wallets.

24/7 customer support 

Members have access to an assistant team that operates around the clock to support them with their inquiries and needs. Their customer support agents are available in multiple languages. The team can also be accessed easily via the Android or iOS app or through their easy-to-navigate member portal.  

The team is available to support member request as well as supporting any questions regarding the platform and processes. With specialist in all topics, members are assured to get the best travel and lounging rates, shopping support and shipping and more. 

 On ramps

Club Swan membership allows you to manage about eight cryptocurrencies, among them being BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and more, all in one account. You can quickly and efficiently convert your crypto to fiat or other crypto formats in straightforward steps. 

It facilitates the conversion of crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, and fiat to crypto. With over 1 billion dollars liquidated for their members, it is easy to buy, sell, or exchange all cryptocurrencies. What makes it unique from its competitors is the payment card that facilitates payments globally.

Physical card

Members get a payment card that you can top up with a Fiat of your choice. The beauty of this feature is that members understand the working of the card compared to the trading crypto, which involves long encrypted addresses, which may turn out to be a little bit complicated and intimidating. 

The use of a physical card that allows you to top up your crypto wallet and liquate within minutes effortlessly bridging the gap between crypto and fiat. Members will have access to their financial assets anytime and anywhere with the flexibility of making purchases online or in stores that accept card payments. The payment card is delivered within days for eligible members.

Travel arrangements

Club Swan is a lifestyle global membership platform and offers its members an opportunity to travel the world. With exclusive travel benefits, you can get up to a 40% discount for booking travels using a Club Swan membership card. 

With Club Swan, members can save as much as $500 on a single trip, including hotel payment, flight, and transport. You can book your hotel directly through the Club Swan 24/7 virtual support team to ensure the best rates. 

A member can as well opt to work with the travel support team for great deals on wholesale luxury and comfort properties. Let the highly trusted customer support specialist handle every detail of the travel for you and save the extra penny.

Commissions & Bonuses

Club Swan has a very attractive referral program that allows its members to commissions and bonuses for referrals they make. You receive a commission for referring family, a friend, or any contact within your network that successfully becomes a member. 

The commission is paid within 14 days after your referral has completed the requirements of their membership activation, and the commission is sent directly into your account.

Shopping support and assistance

This feature allows members to detail the goods or services they want and pay for them directly from their Club Swan account. There is a team that will procure the item and have shipped to any destination around the world. As the dedicated team, they are, and at your service, no request is too small or large for the support team to handle.


Since funds are quite a sensitive topic that can invoke high emotions, Club Swan has considered the security of your funds. Easily manage your funds across multiple fiat currencies in a secure account. 

Members can use their Club Swan account to make secure electronic payments to businesses, friends, and contacts. To enhance security, members’ assets are aggregated in a reliable, secure account. You can use money in your wallet to pay for services within the secure app.


Club Swan has members in over 80 countries, and there are four membership levels allowing members to select the best solution that suits them. Every level of membership has its own unique set of benefits. 

Here are the membership levels:





Financial Service Benefit

With this membership, one has access to a globally accepted payment card issued in USD, GBP or EUR, that can be loaded daily and supports daily ATM withdrawals, though with a maximum daily limit. 

This membership level allows you to make payments around the world with the aid of the 24/7 Global Support the team that operates in multiple languages. Payment cards are shipped by DHL.   

Crypto wallets

The app supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP.


Members can instantly liquidate their cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice-versa at a reasonable liquidation fee.

Personal and Lifestyle Benefits

This membership level allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

                Personal shopping

                VIP dining

                Luxury product procurement

                Event access

                Multi-language assistance

                Private parties 

                24/7 concierge team

                Dedicated Phone hotline support

Exclusive Travel Benefits

Members are guaranteed low rates with up to 40% travel discounts. Other accessible benefits under this membership level is:

                Exotic car rentals

                Corporate Group Travel Specialist

                Private yacht and aviation, and

                Black Car Airport Transfer

To Conclude

Club Swan is a Crypto friendly membership designed to solve crypto’s primary challenge: real-life usability. It solves the problem through a membership program in which you deposit your crypto and receive the cash you could use to shop, book flights, or buy just about anything else. 


Terms and conditions apply. Visit to learn more about eligibility requirements. 
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