Crypto Faucets 101: Is Moon Litecoin the Best Litecoin Faucet?

Crypto Faucets

Crypto Faucets 101: Is Moon Litecoin the Best Litecoin Faucet?

The rise of the crypto industry and coin trading has introduced the world to a lot of new concepts. These include the likes of ICO, Atomic Swaps and yes Airdrops. While each of them was equally fascinating for the world to see and there was one thing that equally excited everyone. Enter Crypto Faucets. Crypto faucets since their early days have been associated with the words “Free Crypto”. Although this by any means is not wrong to associate it with Free, the one has to also keep in mind how much that free is actually free. Ahead, the article would visit some of the leading Litecoin faucets, including the very famous Moon Litecoin –

What is a Crypto Faucet?

A Crypto Faucet is a website, app or a software that helps a person generate cryptocurrencies by completing simple tasks. Typically, a user claims the free coins from the faucet by clicking a button and completing a captcha or doing some other micro-tasks. The coins slowly build up in users account on the site until they hit the minimum withdrawal limit.

These websites are usually marketers or marketing solutions providers. Other companies either partner up with them directly, or the website just gets an affiliate link, posts it on their platform and lets people “do the heavy lifting”. All faucets have their one period of releasing free coins. Some faucet sites allow users to claim every 15 minutes, others every hour, and some only once a day. The frequency with the users can make claims is related to the payout.

What makes the crypto faucets so popular?

While the idea of freebies is not new and has become a great tool used by marketers, crypto faucets did have some advantages. As for freebies, they introduce people to the concept of cryptocurrencies as an independent currency. By allowing people to earn and store their own tokens, faucets give them a practical approach so that when they buy tokens in the future, they will have no problems handling them. Cryptocurrencies are still new and many people who are interested in owning them, have no idea of how to store or invest them. Faucets also open doors for novices and also act as sources of relevant Bitcoin information that users may find it difficult to access otherwise.

Common Types of Rewards in Faucets


  1. Loyalty Rewards: These are the rewards which the user gets once a day for visiting the faucet at least once a day.
  2. Referral Rewards: This is set up to reward users for referring new users to the faucet. For each referral, users get a percentage point and will continue to accumulate.
  3. Mystery Rewards: This is a reward that shows up unexpectedly, usually at the bottom of the page when users try to claim free Bitcoins. Its content is not revealed until it is time for the faucet to dispense it so users do not usually know what to expect.
  4. Offer Rewards: These are special rewards that users can earn by completing offers and surveys from several options. The more offers are completed, the more a user can potentially earn.
  5. Mining Rewards: This is kind of a 100% bonus when the faucet uses a user’s computer for a Proof-of-Work process that mines Bitcoin. It is calculated based on how much processing power the user has contributed.

Leading Litecoin Faucet – Is Moon Litecoin actually the best

Since it is been established how faucets work, it is necessary for one to understand that not all faucets provide all the coins. Most faucets are dedicated to one cryptocurrency, but recent innovations have also given birth to multi-coin faucets. While there are so many faucets available, the following article tries to focus on top Litecoin faucets.


MoonLitecoin is the most popular Litecoin faucet. Anyone who may have used a Litecoin faucet would definitely land on this faucet at least once such is its popularity. Apart from being popular, the faucet allows users to claim up to 1,000 litoshi every five minutes. For users to earn free LTC they have to solve the captcha and it functions on a 5-minute timer.

The site claims that the users can increase their earnings by 300 percent by taking advantage of the tiered bonus schemes. All payments are made instantly and directly to the users CoinPot micro-wallet. Registration is simple with all being required is user Litecoin wallet address or CoinPot account. provides users with faucets services to generate Litecoins by solving the captcha. The faucet time is placed in 240 minutes and allows users to claim to free Litecoin up to 0.00000888 LTC. There also a daily lottery where users can earn more litecoins.

Again, a popular faucet, the site has over 100,000 users and has so far processed close to seven million claims. The total amount paid out to date is over $6,000. Payments are made through a faucet hub micro-wallet.

Litecoin Faucet

Just like, Litecoin Faucet allows users to earn free LTC by solving the captcha. The site has a tiered payment system with up to 2,500,000 litoshis up for grabs every 60 minutes. The site has a Changelly integration for those looking to convert their Litecoin into other cryptocurrencies.

Amber Litecoin

Amber Litecoin is a free Litecoin faucet which enables users to earn free LTC by solving the captcha. A user can claim up to 3300 litoshi and the timer for the faucet is 5 minutes. The payouts are pretty instant and are via the faucethub micro-wallet. Although Amber Litecoin has ventured into other assets, its predominately drafted as a Litecoin faucet. is a user-friendly faucet that allows users to earn up to 0.00001176 LTC every hour. What attracts most users here is that the faucet provides captcha and solve media microtasks which are fairly easy. Like others, this site too offers daily payouts through a faucethub micro-wallet. These payments are almost instant.


TreasureBits is another popular free Litecoin faucet that rewards users in LTC for solving the captcha and solvemedia. The site currently supports other digital assets as well apart from Litecoin which includes bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and more. Users can claim up to 2651 litoshi every five minutes.

The site is not restricted to faucets but also offers games, offer walls, and access to airdrop tokens. Adding onto it, users can also mine LTC using the web miner feature on the site. Pay-outs are made through a faucet hub micro-wallet.

Claimulike- LTC

Claimulike is a multi-currency faucet which again very popular among Litecoin Faucet users. The faucet allows users to earn free litoshi by solving the captcha. The faucet allows claims up to 1400 litoshi with a timer set at five minutes. The faucet requires a registration which basically includes only providing the users Litecoin address. Pay-outs are made via a faucet hub micro-wallet.


ClaimLTC is also a multi-asset faucet that rewards users with free LTC for solving the captcha. Users can claim up to 2071 litoshi every five minutes and all payments are made through a faucet hub micro-wallet. The timer set for this faucet is also 5 minutes and it seems to be the perfect option if the user prefers multicurrency faucet with high Litecoin pay-outs.

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Crypto Faucets 101: Is Moon Litecoin the Best Litecoin Faucet?
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