FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals Betting Odds: Will Underdog Win this Time?

By Sagar Saxena
Published July 14, 2018 Updated July 14, 2018
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fifa world cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals Betting Odds: Will Underdog Win this Time?

By Sagar Saxena
Published July 14, 2018 Updated July 14, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming to an end tomorrow with France and Croatia facing each other. Bets are stacked high so much so recently $1.5 billion in cryptocurrencies have been caught in a gambling ring in China only. However, one country seems to be running in the lead for now.

FIFA World cup 2018 finals: Bets are all placed

FIFA World Cup 2018 is all set to wrap up after one final match between France and Croatia. Fans are going crazy and the bettings are piled up. Which country is going to lift the prestigious cup this time?

World Cup is one of the most popular and reputable football tournament in the world that started in 1930. It is also the most widely viewed sporting event.

Till now, about 17 countries have hosted the World Cup and this time Russia is the center of attention. From both the countries in the finals, France has one title to its name while Croatia has the opportunity to win its very first World Cup trophy. But which one has the better chances.

Bettings are going haywire evident from the fact that several crypto betting platforms like CryptoCup and EtherCup have become extremely popular. And about $1.5 billion cryptocurrency bets have been made in China.

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Why can France lose the World cup?

Analyzing the first team, the national team of France first began to play in 1904 and won its first World Cup in 1998. In the initial matches of 2018 world cup game, France started the game at a much slower pace but did beat Peru and Australia.  

Later on, France amped up its efforts in the knockout stages. It defeated Argentina by 4-3 and credited a thrilling victory to its name where Mbappe made headlines with two goals. And then France made its goal against Belgium in the semi-finals and secured its place in the finals.

France’s defense can play the major factor in its win as only 4 goals have been scored against them throughout the tournament. Also, if France wins on Sunday, Didier Deschamps would be the third man to win the world cup titles both as a coach and player. But the losing point for France is its lack of experience in extra time, unlike Croatia.

Why can Croatia win the World cup?

Croatia joined the FIFA in 1993 officially after getting separated from Yugoslavia. In 1998, the country reached to the semi-finals only to be defeated by the host France. This time, during the entire journey, Croatia has been playing really good.

Croatia made a strong game by defeating Nigeria and Argentina by 2-0 and 3-0 respectively. In the quarterfinals against the host Russia, despite a good game, Croatia have to go through extra time. However, in the end, it did win. With wins against teams like Argentina, England, and Russia, they have good odds in favor of them.

Having won last 3 matches in extra time, the team can certainly do well under the stress and this time the underdog can win but they need to come up with a good strategy to defeat France.

Both the teams will be entering the battleground tomorrow and fans are all amped up with enthusiasm. If we take a look at the bettings, the odds are stacked against Croatia. Though people are also betting for Croatia’s win, France is the favorable one.

Which team are you betting for?



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