Gold Crash Ignites Financial Crisis Fears, Is Bitcoin (BTC) Just Getting Started?

By John Kiguru
February 28, 2020 Updated February 28, 2020
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The world of finances has been hit hard in the last week. All major markets are in the red. That is, including our beloved Bitcoin. This has week-long ignited fears of a financial crisis. But during this bear phase, one asset has been performing well, gold. Gold and a number of other metals have been in the green for much of the week.

Today, however, most metals have taken a big hit. Gold has joined the drop, marking one of its worst days since 2013.

Resemblance To The 2009 Financial Crisis

The latest drop has reignited a fear that the world is about to experience a financial crisis like seen in 2009. Already, the stock market is down. This week saw it mark the worst drop since 2009. Bonds yields around the world are also in their worst run in ten years.

The crypto market and oil have also faced the same fate. Gold, which is considered a safe haven asset has been the only commodity enjoying a good return. Prior to today’s crash, the metal was enjoying a return of 6.5% since the turn of the year.

Today’s crash has however wiped off the narrative that it is a safe haven, at least not this time. Like Bitcoin a few days ago, its crash today will see some question its status as a safe-haven asset.

More importantly, it has strongly signaled a financial crisis. Analysts have been pointing out that just like in 2009, all commodities are going down.

The recent market crash has as we have extensively covered, been caused by the Coronavirus. The epidemic has hit the financial world as it disrupts the world’s biggest economies, i.e China and the U.S.

Is It Too Late For Bitcoin?

Of course, back in 2009, Bitcoin was not in play. It is the financial events that took place at that time that saw its birth. So, it was specifically designed for what is coming in the next few months. Though so far it has failed to behave the way many expect, rally, there is plenty to come. As we reported yesterday, there is pressure on the FED to cut rates, but this remains since the full impact of the Coronavirus remains unknown.

As more light is shed on this, it’s expected that the financial world will continue to shake and we see Bitcoin rise.

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