How BitYard Offers a One-Stop Contract Trading Solution?

By Stan Peterson
January 24, 2022 Updated January 24, 2022


Undeniably the past year resembled a roller coaster ride for worldwide crypto enthusiasts but in the end, the usual giants (Bitcoin and Ethereum) came out as winners. The pandemic situation has favoured the crypto market more than any other external factor in the past few years. It has given rise to several regulated and high-performance derivatives exchanges like BitYard exchange. Let’s get to know this multi-currency exchange platform along with its core facilities that cater to a wide variety of traders.

An Overview of BitYard

BitYard debuted for the first time in 2019 right before the coronavirus turned into a global pandemic. Initially, this platform was introduced as a diversified crypto trading platform that also supported spot trading within the crypto market without hassles.

Back then BitYard supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin but soon expanded to add more than 100 leading cryptocurrencies for traders to indulge in and trade effortlessly. The most important attribute which attracts traders of all kinds to BitYard is its seamless and user-friendly interface that allows even first-timers to trade liquid crypto and hold through a highly secure wallet.

Is BitYard legit and safe for trading?

Headquartered in the technically advanced and one of the most remarkable global business hotspots, Singapore, BitYard does not only offer a legitimate trading service but also increase the vote of confidence among people who are concerned about crypto and blockchain-related laws. For this reason, BitYard stands out among all of its competitors that are not based in a country where regulations are mature as well as forgiving, unlike China. Below are the two main reasons for trusting BitYard’s legality and safety for trading crypto.

  • Multiple Licenses Holder

Apart from being operated from a country like Singapore where regulatory agencies ensure that all of the crypto platforms remain 100% compliant with the rules, BitYard has also secured its legitimacy by acquiring not one but 4 licenses for its operations. In terms of regulatory compliance, BitYard is in line with the Estonian Financial Regulatory Authority, the U.S. Money Services Business, and even Australia’s Transaction Reporting and Analysis Centre apart from Singaporean Business Administration.

  • Partner of Industry Leaders

As we already know, the true worth of an entity active within the crypto industry is not proven unless it successfully collaborates with some of the notable services and companies in the first place. BitYard does not disappoint in this matter as this fastest-growing global crypto contract exchange has partnered with companies like BANXA, Paxful, and Revain in the past. The goal of these partnerships was to expand fiat money deposit methods, give easier access to users, and bring high-quality and better-reviewed products.

BitYard Highlights – One-Stop Trading Platform

BitYard has a reputation to be known as the one-stop trading platform supporting a diverse array of globally-available assets such as leading cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, and even indices. The experienced team behind BitYard has conveniently developed the trading platform to be perfect and convenient for handling trading tools that traders love to use. Here are a few aspects of BitYard’s multi-purpose trading platform;

  • Spot Market

One of BitYard’s notable features is its spot trading availability which makes it function as a good old-fashioned crypto-crypto platform. The current spot market of BitYard offers a diverse category of cryptocurrencies for users to exchange (buy and sell) up to 400  coins.

  • Inverse Perpetual Futures

In an effort to create a flourishing trading experience for global investors, BitYard recently rolled out its inverse perpetual feature with no expiration date on its website. Pairs available for inverse perpetual trading are BTCUSD, ETHUSD, DOTUSD, and XRPUSD.

  • Lite Trading (or CFDs)

On BitYard, you get derivatives as well as lite trading or contract for difference functionality for the intermediate and expert-level traders. Since BitYard provides not only crypto derivatives but also other famously-traded financial assets like forex, indices, and some commodities, the Lite Trading feature is a great addition to its platform.

  • Copy Trading

Copy trading, the most-loved feature for all new online traders who have yet to gain enough experience through exposure to call the shots by themselves, is available on the BitYard platform. Using the copy trading feature, one can easily copy the trades of other far more successful traders easily and implement them automatically.

  • Deposits Supported by FIAT

After collaborating with BANXA and Paxful, BitYard offers a multitude of deposit methods and even support fiat currencies in addition to crypto. But what steals the show is the fact that all crypto deposits are kept free of charge.

  • Ambitious Roadmap

BitYard is aiming to be the top cryptocurrency exchange that supports a plethora of features, financial assets, and users from around the world. Its roadmap includes indications of a grid trading system along with several other new developments underway.

BitYard Fees

One of the biggest strengths of this particular platform is its fees structure which has helped it maintain a global presence. Without slippage and commissions, BitYard levies just 0.05% per trade as its fee which is half of what is charged for spot trading on Binance.


BitYard application is available to a wide variety of platforms including android, iOS for mobile trading and Mac OS and Windows for the desktop version.

Customer Support

As of now, the BitYard platform offers a multi-channel customer support service that is reachable through live chat, email and social media. As a self help-desk there is a knowledge and help center too.

BitYard’s Affiliate Program

Through BitYard’s global affiliate program, anyone can earn a commission from social media by referring to this exclusive crypto exchange platform. There is also a possibility of joining the eContract program which can help you achieve success in your career.


All in all, it is evident that BitYard exchange is a serious contender among several new-age trading platforms launched at the same time. It’s only a matter of time for BitYard to slowly gain entry into the list of global entities like Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase.

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