How Blockchain Can Be A Facilitator For Doing Good In This World

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There are many misconceptions regarding blockchain technology and its future potential. However, there is also a lack of real-world use cases people can identify with. Although blockchain and crypto can do much good, it requires a different mindset from project builders. 

The Perception Of Crypto Today

It is not hard to see why the mainstream audience has yet to be convinced about the potential of crypto and blockchain. There have been numerous stories regarding thefts, hacks, shady people, coins collapsing in value, etc. Many people believe that all cryptocurrencies are scams and that blockchain will offer no benefit in the real world. Changing the public perception of these technologies will prove difficult but not impossible. 

The big question many people ask themselves is whether they need crypto or blockchain in their life. The short answer is “no” as neither technology seems to offer any outspoken benefits to everyday people. However, there are some projects in development today that will help change that perception for the better. It is up to project builders to rethink their approach to bringing these technologies to the market.

Given these industries’ negative perceptions, it is challenging to get people excited about crypto and blockchain. Debunking myths like “it’s too late to enter crypto” or “it’s all a Ponzi scheme” should not be too hard, yet these themes keep popping up over time. The same goes for blockchain, which many people consider to be a glorified database that isn’t necessary or beneficial. 

Despite the odds, both crypto and blockchain can be used to do some real-world good. That, too, has been tried before and with little success. However, it remains crucial to pay attention to new initiatives that can change the lives of many without relying on the monetary side of the equation that much. Technology is neither good nor bad, it is a matter of implementing it properly. The following initiatives aim to strike a chord with the public. 

EarthFund Makes The World A Better Place

It may seem bold to claim a project will make a positive impact on our planet. However, the EarthFund project doesn’t do so directly. Instead, it will provide the necessary tools to empower people to change their world for the better. With EarthFund, anyone can have more of a voice and say in their future. Additionally, it will reward users for using their voice, support donations through cryptocurrencies, and more.

One could argue that EarthFund is akin to the Squarespace of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. More specifically, it provides a convenient interface where users can determine their own DAO and what it stands for. That includes options to build smart contracts, tokens to be issued as reards, manifesto, subdomain, and a crypto donation page. EarthFund’s approach removes the complexity of DAOs and helps you establish a new community dedicated to whatever you are passionate about. 

The strength of a DAO is that there is no central authority, and all users are equal. That is how communities need to be built,  as maintaining a corporate structure is counterproductive. Using the crowd’s wisdom through a self-built community is essential and empowers users to shape their future with the help of blockchain and crypto technology. 

The team behind EarthFund has decades of expertise to make this project successful. Founding investor Adam Boalt has been involved in projects like Dental Whale (dental solutions and education), BOALT (accelerating digital transformation), govWorks (the “TurboTax of passports and Travel Visas”), etc. He is joined by Alexander Coleman, Gary Smith, Michael Fellows, and over a dozen other contributors helping to establish EarthFund as a DAO and life-changing initiative. 

Other Notable Examples Of Social Good

There have been various attempts at leveraging crypto and blockchain to achieve social good. The 1LAW project, for instance, aims to bring free legal documents and services to the masses through artificial intelligence. Broadening access to justice and negating the lack of basic legal help is a big step in the right direction. Moreover, 1LAW enables users to share and store documents. 

BlockMedx tackles a different pressing matter: combating the opioid crisis. Through its e-prescribing solution with real-time distributed records on the blockchain, providers can make better-informed decisions about how and what they prescribe to patients. In addition, it features a native cryptocurrency to serve as an incentive for patients to embrace healthy behaviors. 

A final example is RoleCoin, a proof-of-progress for education. It provides transparency to the educational industry and sues a cryptocurrency to track, measure, and reward the skill and career development of its recipient. The project primarily focuses on STEM/STEAM-related education and training initiatives. 


There is much good to achieve in the world with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Several initiatives have put themselves on the radar, and new opportunities are being explored as well. However, measuring their success does not require mainstream media attention, as the hard work often goes unrecognized for years, if not decades. Thanks to these initiatives, crypto and blockchain are about so much more than just their trading values. They enforce real change for real people. 

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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