Industry Veteran Finis Conner is New Addition to Cirus Foundation

By Stan Peterson
Published September 4, 2021 Updated September 4, 2021
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Industry Veteran Finis Conner is New Addition to Cirus Foundation

By Stan Peterson
Published September 4, 2021 Updated September 4, 2021

The co-founder of two Fortune 500 tech companies, Seagate and Conner Peripherals, has joined a data ownership initiative known as the Cirus Foundation. Finis Conner is the second tech industry veteran to become a Senior Advisor to the project. Former Apple CEO Gil Amelio also joined the team citing its potential role in catalyzing the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Cirus Foundation is developing an accessible onramp to a blockchain, Web 3, and what it calls the Ownership Economy. It’s implementing a ground up approach to data ownership through an ecosystem that gives users control over their most important digital asset and allows them to monetize it. This represents a leap forward from the current centralized model of the internet where third parties absorb all the value created by user data. 

As the former CEO of a digital storage giant, Conner will be key to Cirus’ expansion with strategic insights into scaling hardware production and improving storage solutions. The team is expecting millions to purchase its upcoming plug-and-play router that will connect them to the Cirus Ecosystem where they will benefit from increased security and privacy as well as decentralized storage.

He recently commented on his outlook for the project:

“What Cirus is doing is of great importance to the future of the internet and technology in general. I’m excited to be helping the team scale these solutions at a hardware level because this is where it all starts. Data ownership truly starts with the right on-ramps and storage.” 

Conner will also help Cirus move from centralized storage to a more decentralized model that better aligns with its goals. As Cirus Co-founder Daniel Bland noted,

“Storage is an essential part of computing at any level. As we move on to a decentralized model, we’re sure to benefit greatly from the expertise of people like Finis not only with the mass production of our hardware but also from his ideas on how to build better storage solutions.”

These developments will be a step towards what Conner calls personal cloud data storage, where users are guaranteed the ownership of their data at all levels.


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