Litecoin Masterstrock: LTC Adoption Going Strong with Powerful Partnerships

By Casper Brown
Published June 1, 2018 Updated June 1, 2018
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Litecoin Masterstrock: LTC Adoption Going Strong with Powerful Partnerships

By Casper Brown
Published June 1, 2018 Updated June 1, 2018

In tandem with the market trend, Litecoin took a dive though despite positive movements Litecoin price has yet to see a good surge. However, the cryptocurrency doesn’t seem to stop making new developments and adding new partnerships to its long list. The increasing adoption of Litecoin might just be the trick that will unveil the full potential of this underrated cryptocurrency.

Extreme exposure on the way: Charlie Lee bags porn partnership for LTC

In April, Verge (XVG) made news with its partnership with PornHub. At that time, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee tweeted with a sarcastic:

“Turns out Verge’s super expensive partnership was PornHub. “we think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market.” penetrate. @Pornhub, enough with the foreplay. Time to accept the real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XMR.”

However, later he expressed his interest with “You should start accepting Litecoin. Send me a message.”

Now, Charlie’s efforts have come to fruition as announces Litecoin support. The official blog post states:

“Cryptocurrency is a great option for porn because it’s anonymous, it removes the middleman, and it has low fees.”

As for choosing Litecoin, it mentions:

“ chose Litecoin as the first cryptocurrency we’re accepting because it’s a top-tier coin with unique benefits for the user. Litecoin’s fast confirmation times, low fees, and liquidity make it ideal for payments. Litecoin also has a great development team and community behind it.”

Further stating:

“Also notable is that Litecoin has a very secure and robust network. It’s one of the longest-running coins and has an immense amount of hash power behind it. Further, the network is well-distributed, making it very difficult to be hacked.”

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Undervalued Litecoin price to rise in tandem with surging adoption

Just Yesterday, Litecoin announced the release of Litecoin Core v0.16.0. This version comes with upgraded features, enhanced performance and bug fixes that have the entire Litecoin community elated.

Another exciting news came in the form of a three-way partnership with Abra and TapJets. Charlie Lee commented on the news with:

“Took only 2 weeks from idea to go live. Kudos to @TapJets for such a fast launch! And they even do their own payment processing and hedging.

The advantages that Litecoin has over other cryptos is LTC’s ease of integration technically and high exchange liquidity globally.”

World’s 6th largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin price is at $119 level, at the time of writing. With a market cap of $6.67 billion, it has registered a loss of about 0.48 percent in the last 24 hours.

As the entire crypto market experienced a downward trend, Litecoin price went down in tandem. However, from its few days back value of $111, LTC price has started making slow but gradual gains.

Crypto price tend to go up and down without much reason. However, one great point of consideration is the more a digital currency gains adoption, the more it adds to its value for the short as well as long-term. And Litecoin has made some good ones recently that is expected to take LTC to its pre-crash price levels.

What are your views on the rising Litecoin adoption? Do you think LTC price will soon take a surge? Share your thoughts with us!


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