Make your Crypto Activity completely Anonymous with Coinomize

By Guest Author
Published March 3, 2021 Updated March 3, 2021
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Make your Crypto Activity completely Anonymous with Coinomize

By Guest Author
Published March 3, 2021 Updated March 3, 2021

There is no need to say how many people joined the crypto area this year, mainly because of the recent bull run in the value of Bitcoin.  

Even if Bitcoin was around for 12 years, it needed the attention of businessmen like Elon Musk to get into the spotlight – even though it already had everything needed to overcome fiat. 

After Bitcoin took the stage, people were conquered instantly – because it offers the financial security they needed for years. 

However, there is something that you may want to know about working with Bitcoin. Although it offers peer-to-peer transactions and protection against malicious actors, it doesn’t provide you with total anonymity.

All of the transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which is public. This means that you can be tracked by governments, advertising agencies, and so many more. Your privacy is what you need to value the most in a financial rebellion, and yet it is not entirely provided.  

For this, you would need the help of Coinomize – The best Bitcoin mixer to protect your crypto assets.

What is Coinomize about?

Coinomize is what other people call a “Bitcoin Mixer”, so you may already sense what it does.

To make your transactions untraceable, the platform mixes your coins with other people’s coins in a pool. In the end, nobody can tell whose transaction was made or to whom. And that’s thanks to the payment mixing system called Bitcoin blender.

To make your data even more secure, Coinomize resorts to deleting all the user-related data records 72 hours after the transaction. Even more, users are free to delete them manually sooner than that. 

And the icing on the cake, Coinomize’s fees are really low. Depending on the mixing strength you want to be provided and the transfer delay you are willing to wait, you can pay from 1% to 5% service fee. Plus the Miner fee, which is just 0.0003 BTC.

From what we’ve calculated, you could hit maximum strength with a 72h transfer delay and just a 4.19% fee, for example. Of course, you are free to play with the sliders and find your own recipe when you create an order. 

So how does this work?

The system is quite simple actually, with just three steps:

  1. You join the platform with your BTC address and start sending your coins to the new generated address;
  2. After a single confirmation, the platform shuffles your coins and makes them untraceable;
  3. When the mixing is done, you’ll receive new Bitcoins equivalent to your old ones.

That’s it. And you can use the platform both on Desktop and Mobile. 

This is coming in handy, especially for those who live in a country that banned Bitcoin transfers. It is such a pity not to use the most innovative financial technology just because the government can’t control it. 

With Coinomize, nobody could ever find out that you are joining the crypto adventure, let alone sneak into your privacy. 

If you want to know more about the platform and its future updates, then be sure to check their official communication channels:





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