Making Cryptocurrencies Great Again

By Guest Author
Published April 25, 2019 Updated April 25, 2019
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Making Cryptocurrencies Great Again

By Guest Author
Published April 25, 2019 Updated April 25, 2019

Last September, the largest venture capitalist and leader of several venture capital investments in technology companies at the time of their inception Tim Draper said that in the next 15 years, the total capitalization of the crypto market will exceed $80 trillion.

“The Internet started out the same way. It came in big waves, then sort of fell on its head, and then next wave became much larger. I suspect the same thing happens with Bitcoin, ” Draper noted while speaking at the DealStreetAsia PE-VC 2018 in Singapore. According to Draper himself, the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is somewhat similar to the days of Internet development, when the largest titans from Wall Street did not yet comprehend what the global network could become in the future.  

As of this year, the number of internet users is over 3 billion. Even folks who weren’t exactly hitting the refresh button on all the blockchain blogs have begun to welcome cryptocurrency their reality. So this trend is undeniable.

What is happening on the crypto-market right now?

Have you seen a crypto ATM or portal that lets you quickly exchange fiat money for a cryptocurrency? If you haven’t, don’t be surprised if you see them pop up at your local mall or shopping center. Yes, ladies and gents, crypto is here to stay – it’s in our pockets and more specifically in our smartphones.

Take Facebook and WhatsApp for example. Both are planning to launch their own cryptocurrency. A video about Gram (Telegram’s cryptocurrency), either inadvertently, or as part of a marketing campaign, has appeared online. This all speaks to the fact that social media networks will begin to similarly incorporate crypto into their platforms soon. This is all very exciting, especially if you’re thinking to acquire. And companies who already have both authority and a huge user base have a leg up in the situation.

However, it may surprise you to know that it’s not only the household names that are worth taking an interest in. So as you wade into the waters of cryptocurrency, make sure you consider all your options. Particularly, if you’re not looking to make six-figure commitments, you might try buying cryptos that don’t necessarily have much hype but have a proven track record of steady incremental growth.

Which brings us to the next point…

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency the Smart Way

So if you’ve been studying cryptocurrency, you’ve probably noticed that the value fluctuates drastically. At the start of 2018, Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, was trading at $16,665, as of January 5, according to Coinbase. However, by the end of the year, BTC was worth as little as $3,700. Naturally, for anyone who is interested, this is cause for hesitation. You may be wondering if crypto is even worth it.

The truth is not all cryptocurrencies enter the digital currency exchange (DCE) the same way. This often makes a critical difference in how their value will either increase or decrease in the future. Here is an example of a social network that has all the potential to be in the top 100 cryptocurrencies within one year., is the world’s first digital network that brings together social media, e-commerce, and content monetization in an innovative way. gives users the comforts of social media with a chance to monetize social activity. While users spend time on the social network, they earn ME Token that can be exchanged for fiat currencies or make purchases on the application’s internal marketplace.

Me Token Exchange Listing

ME Token was listed on CoinAll on February 11, 2019. CoinAll is a brand new exchange that also maintains a strong collaboration with OKEx. CoinAll’s system is fully integrated with OKEx, which allows its traders to sign up and trade on CoinAll through a single account without any additional formalities. As of today, ME can be traded for BTC and USDT.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some helpful figures:

  • Token price upon entering the market: $ 0.014
  • Token price at the time of writing: $ 0.10
  • Less than two months after being listed on the exchange, token price increased by 1000% and is likely to continue to grow. The fact is that the cost of ME is influenced not only by the interest in the token itself but also by the number of users on the social network

To put this in context, these are some quick facts about social network. (We’ll only focus on the features that set the platform apart from others.)

  • claims its users can earn up to 50% of the advertising revenue
  • Payments are made internally using ME
  • Includes a trading platform that allows users to buy and sell products from each other (C2C) as well as directly from international brands (B2C)
  • Features a FinTech solution (mePay) that brings together blockchain technology, digital assets, electronic money, as well as classic payment services.
  • Users can store earnings, withdraw or deposit funds on their meWallet. Each account comes with its own online wallet. By using an internal billing system, transactions can be performed instantly without commissions within the network.

In addition, users have the option of connecting their meWallets to an Etherum wallet.

Why We Predict Me Token Will Increase in Value

Once Me Token gets listed on more exchanges, we believe it will increase in value even more. There are a few reasons why. First of all, ME Token is impossible to mine. There is only a set number of tokens, which can be bought and sold. Therefore, the risk of the market is flooded and the currency subsequently depreciating is unlikely.  Moreover, ME Token is fully backed by liquidity. The presales were successful and reached the soft cap level within 24 hours. is a social network where people can earn based on their social activity. Advertisers must buy ME Token in order to advertise, thus increasing the demand for the currency. Meanwhile, users can earn up to 50% of the advertising revenue. With the ME they earn, users can purchase services of the platform, buy and sell products on the network’s marketplace or exchange it, which makes trading more stable. (It’s worth noting that’s marketplace will be only accepting ME Token. This alone keeps the currency relevant.)

Since the network seamlessly combines social media, online shopping, and earning, we have every confidence that ME Token will continue to be both relevant and valuable on the market. The team behind application is huge and continues to grow, with offices around the globe and visionaries leading the project.



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