MarTech Startup Ojamu is Changing the Data-Driven Marketing Landscape

By Achal Arya
August 12, 2021 Updated August 12, 2021
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Digital marketing is an exciting industry, but several factors are holding it back. For example, incorrect and inadequate data make life a lot more complicated for marketers. Avoiding those issues becomes a lot easier with a solution like Ojamu, as its approach to data-driven marketing differs significantly from other providers.

Data-Driven Marketing Needs To Change

In this era of digital marketing, having access to correct and up-to-date data is essential. Although there are several systems to obtain such information – email lists, cookies, among other things – they are not always as adequate as marketers would like. As a result, bad data has become a pressing problem, thwarting many digital marketing efforts. Since digital marketing is heavily reliant on data, something needs to change sooner rather than later.

A recent report by Cheetah reveals how the situation has worsened. Two in three marketers face bad data regularly and acknowledge it hinders their ability to run personalized marketing campaigns.

As this incorrect data keeps floating around among marketing agencies, consumers will automatically distrust any brand or company being advertised. Buying data from third parties has always been a risk, yet that risk appears to have increased exponentially in the past few years. Not only will this annoy consumers – they may receive unsolicited emails – but regulators are also paying close attention to these developments. 

In the current marketing landscape, it isn’t easy to obtain good email lists. A person’s inbox is a private space that should only receive content if they invite marketers. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time or room to wait for such an official invitation with digital marketing, as efficiency is crucial and results need to be provided as soon as possible. Therefore, an essential first step is to focus on different ways to gather high-quality data and create a more interactive relationship between the company/brand and the recipient. 

Finding New Data Sources Is Essential

For marketers, finding new and reliable data sources may sound challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. MarTech service providers like Ojamu offer the best of data collection and automation under one banner. It allows for tremendous growth potential and less worrying about inadequate email lists or other contact details. More data – and more correct data – will lead to more personalized digital marketing strategies for companies and brands. 

Ojamu uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to gather information from millions of data points. A human marketer would never adequately go through all of this information, as there is too much to handle. 

Using AI and a Neural Engine to filter the data and provide adequate marketing solutions ensures companies and brands can reach their target audiences hassle-free. Recipients should never feel harassed by a marketing campaign, yet that is all too common today. 

Wrapping It Up

The use of more data and innovative technologies helps establish a new level of interaction between marketers and recipients. Social media, podcasts, emails – The Internet has given brands more ways to reach their target consumers. Tools like Ojamu gives brands access to high-quality data and enables them to run automated marketing campaigns.

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