Qtum Blockchain to Boost Renewable Energy Production in Philippines

By Lawal Khalid ABIOLA
Published May 1, 2018 Updated May 2, 2018
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Qtum Blockchain
Qtum Blockchain

Qtum Blockchain to Boost Renewable Energy Production in Philippines

By Lawal Khalid ABIOLA
Published May 1, 2018 Updated May 2, 2018

Qtum has collaborated with the clean energy producers, Energo Foundation Pte Ltd which will be using Qtum’s blockchain platform to improve its operations involving measurement, transaction, and settlement of clean energy in the microgrids.

Qtum blockchain-Energo collaborates for clean energy


The sky is not the limit for Qtum as it tends toward a greener pasture in its recent collaboration with Philippine’s producer of clean energy.

Transforming the world of cryptocurrency with the new advancement, Qtum went live to disclose a collaboration with Energo Foundation Pte Ltd, adding that the renewable energy-focused company will be utilizing its blockchain platform to better its operations.

Energo was said to have made the move subsequent to an agreement it made with First Gen, the biggest clean energy producer in the Philippines who co-hosted a “blockchain + new energy Workshop” with De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. The First Gen-De La Salle University blockchain project is marked as the first microgrid project of its kind.

The CEO and founder of Energo Lab Foundation, Kaikai Yang in a statement of acknowledgment said:

“Through combining the decentralization of blockchain with solar cells, energy storage, and other hardware, we hope to accelerate the power reform in off-grid areas and devote itself towards making clean electricity more accessible to residents in remote areas in the near future. We are delighted to partner with De La Salle University University on this case and wish to forge more partnerships with leading players in the cleantech industry.”

The latest Qtum collaboration with Energo in the production of clean energy will make Energo Labs use blockchain to measure, register and settle clean energy transactions in local microgrids using a decentralized system. Thus, such is expected to bring more awareness, good name, and usability of cryptocurrency in the sector, creating a boost for crypto industry.

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Qtum cryptocurrency in the present market

The crypto market is changing bullishly, thumbing up to put smiles on the face of investors and lovers. As such, Qtum is also following the trend, rising up in its value. At present, Qtum is ranked 18 and it is priced 20.5 against Dollar, and over the last 24hrs, 5.14% addition has been on its value according to Coinranking.

Qtum which has a total market cap of over 1 billion, has been bullish in the market in the last 7 days with a steady rise in value, moving northward with an overall 29.1% Qtum price jump up. On April 61, the altcoin’s currency was priced $15.7. While striding northwards, $19.22 was its value on April 20. The trend continued with no impeding effect until April 21 when it was valued at $18.4 after been priced $20.3 against dollars on April 20.

Source: Coinranking.

Nevertheless, the altcoin picked its batten with a new steady rise, mounting the chart upward and today, it is priced $20.6.

Qtum has been displaying the unflinching zeal for the staple, showing that it has come to stay and reign, and it is a real deal altcoin to invest in, rather than a pump and dump asset.

With the latest collaboration, fans and lovers hope has been heightened that Qtum will soon light the world

Energo company

Energo is based in Shanghai, China. The energy company is a world-recognized organization that is keen on the transformation of renewable energy for the populace, using decentralized technology.

The company, in line with its goals, has been able to donate 10-kilowatt (KW) solar system to DLSU-D, saving the school about 1.2 million Ph on electricity bills. Energo, at present, is ranked 23rd in Asia.

Do you think this collaboration will further help in Qtum’s growth and market value? 

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