TRON Coin Goes Red: Hype & Security Issues Negatively Affecting Tron?

By Disha Gautam
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018
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Tron coin

TRON Coin Goes Red: Hype & Security Issues Negatively Affecting Tron?

By Disha Gautam
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018

With its new network reaching to around 2000 transactions per second, Tron coin (TRX) is all set for an exhilarating journey towards the top. But this clearly lies in counteractive viewpoint to come to light as what the markets observed after its mainnet’s launch, is a sharp decline in the crypto’s trade.

Tron’s current value amounts to USD $0.059 experiencing a 4.1% dip in the trends. To sustain its future credibility, Tron regulators have decided to host coordinated hackathons to guarantee the MainNet’s security.

Tron coin mainnet launch did not live upto the expectations

When authorities rolled out the mainnet, setting Tron coin apart from the ERC20 tokens, the surges and hiking trends were expected out of this endeavor. But it turned out to be a reversed scenario where marking a sharp downfall of 74% since the all-time high, Tron is under great upheaval.

Looks that the idea of technology expansion that made Tron leave the Ethereum block previously did not sync with the endeavors that it aspired to fulfill. Rather, it ended up in a worst case scenario where it is in turns right now and struggling for its stability.

It seems to be a bug that is responsible for the ongoing nuisance. Despite the team’s adamancy for its network being bug-free, they have rolled out a bug bounty program guaranteeing the reporter $10 million as a reward.

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Seeking for collabs and agreements

Thus, to ensure the mainnet’s security, it seems that regulators are awaiting for mergers and seeking out for agreements. In the wake of this, hackathons can really prove to be of great help.

So this September is awaited to witness a Tron hackathon, that can be significant enough to unmask the hidden prospects that Tron is undermined of. Various esteemed businesspersons, analysts, investors, exchanges and crypto enthusiasts have a keen eye on the event. Undoubtedly, this interest driven event is set to await, coming opportunities for Tron.

Tron is introduced in the Indonesian crypto exchange. With others, Tron is now live listed on 98 exchanges around the globe. This is yet another step in regards to its forward leap, so planned.

In wake of the popularity of Tron coin among investors, the surge is yet to come in short span of time. And the cryptocurrency will be up for yet another stark comeback that will soon roll out by the end of June, as suggested by the analysts and business enthusiasts.

Also, the efforts and consolidatory position that the team abides by is yet to witness a positive response soon in real time.

What do you expect out the trend to be? Will it be rising, or on the contrary, continue to decline in sync with present time situation?



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