Upland.Me: A Virtual Property Trading Game Mapped to Real-World Addresses

The EOS-based decentralized properties and land collectibles game heavily compared to Monopoly offering an educational and monetary value to the players.

The EOS-based decentralized properties and land collectibles game heavily compared to Monopoly offering an educational and monetary value to the players. The game is currently available cross platform, i.e. on the web and on Apple’s iOS App Store and Android’s Play Store.

It’s been described in similar tones as a mix of Monopoly (property trading) and Pokémon Go (based on real-world addresses), the widely popular board/collectibles game, but differs in its core build and items. Upland.me, a decentralized gaming platform built on the EOS blockchain, allows players to collect unique pieces of land and property instead of streets in Monopoly and the famed Pokémon creatures.

The immutability property on blockchains allows the purchased properties to remain in users’ control in perpetuity. Could Upland.me be the next revolution for collector’s gaming platforms once it launches later in 2020 to the mass market?

In light of the growth by Upland.me in the recent past we take a deeper look at the decentralized gaming project. A closer look at the article guidelines:

  • Redefining the traditional gaming economies.
  • Virtual properties on EOS blockchain.
  • Open Beta Launch
  • Decentralized “true ownership” of virtual property.
  • Upland raises over $2 Million in Venture Capital funding.

‘Redefining the traditional gaming economies’

The traditional gaming market allows users to play for and buy in-game tokens which unfortunately are only spendable in-game. This means the tokens offered in most of these games lack “true ownership” as you cannot sell or transfer them to another player. Upland.me aims to solve this problem on their virtual decentralized real estate collectibles game built on EOS blockchain.

“One of the problems with the current in-app purchase model is that players don’t really own or control their digital goods. They can’t sell or trade them, and those goods usually don’t have value outside the games themselves,” said Dirk Lueth, co-founder of Upland.me.

The Upland.me platform creates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are unique to specific areas and properties on the game additionally providing a marketplace for users to buy, trade and sell these NFTs. This allows a monetization aspect of the game as the market grows bigger. Prices will initially be set using real-world prices.

 “Upland is developing a virtual collectibles game that represents real estate properties; initially in San Francisco and later in other cities and regions worldwide. […] Property ownership in Upland is independent of property ownership in real-life.”

Idan Zuckerman, co-founder of Uplandme, Inc.

Upland.me virtual properties on EOS blockchain.

The hybrid of a Pokémon and Monopoly styled game gives a similar feel to it as it allows users to accumulate vast wealth by buying property, earning from it and then selling it at a profit (all charges calculated in UPX, the game’s native currency). Or they can go treasure hunting to win some UPX as a reward. UPX has a fixed rate to the US$ and can directly be purchased on the web using credit and debit cards, paypal or cryptocurrencies. Since Upland is available on the app stores, in-app purchases are also possible. The company has announced that it is also working on a fiat-out possibility later this year which will allow players to sell NFTs to other players on the Upland marketplace for real money. 

Once purchased UPX, the user searches for properties across the cities with each property holding a unique title. The properties are scarce resources: each property is unique and can only be held by one player at any given time.

The Upland.me open beta launch

The company successfully completed its closed beta launch on the EOS mainnet in mid 2019. From early 2020 the game has also been available as open beta via Upland. As of the writing of this post, users can hunt exclusive digital properties in San Francisco. 

In the coming months, the team plans to launch in New York City. The team aims at enabling and activating a travel system so users can send their game pieces called “block explorer” from San Francisco to New York and vice versa. Those players owning parcels at the SFO (San Francisco Airport) or JFK (John F. Kennedy Airport in New York) will benefit from fees players have to pay when they want to travel between the cities. The domestic terminal parcels of SFO have mostly sold within minutes after they had been put up for sale. Soon the JFK parcels will come on to the market. It can be expected that some of them will sell quickly as well. 

The report reads,

“We foresee the opening of New York City happening in the second half of 2020.”

Decentralized “true ownership” of virtual property.

When you sign up with Upland you get an UPX sign-up bonus. You become a visitor who has a visa which needs to be renewed every 7 days to avoid that all assets will be recycled. Use your block explorer to discover properties available to purchase. Once you have accumulated 10,000 UPX your visitor account changes to “Uplander”, a citizen of the platform. Then you can also buy and sell on the Upland marketplace.

Being an Uplander offers the player a decentralized “true ownership” of the virtual property. The players own the property rights forever, and have the power to buy, sell, earn hold or trade the property in perpetuity.

If you do not like where the Block Explorer has taken you in the city, the “Send Explorer Feature” allows you to send your little game piece to other places via the following features;

·     Send to My Property

Send your Explorer to any of the properties you own, whenever you want! Sending your Explorer to your own properties is free and unlimited.

·     Send to Other Properties

You can also send your Explorer to properties owned by other players. Sending your Explorer to other owned properties will cost a UPX fee, paid to the owner of the property, and the feature is limited to three sends a day.

Treasure Hunt 2.0

Upland releases in May 2020 the newest update of its famed Treasure Hunt series with players set to experience new features including; racing to beat the clock and new competitive treasure discovery types. There are also ongoing events happening in Upland. The last one was an Easter Egg hunt which the Upland community has enjoyed very much.

Develop properties

In an outlook the founders gave during an AMA they have also announced that Uplanders will be able to develop the land they own. Uplanders will be able to run all kinds of businesses which could be an arcade or a nursery allowing other players to purchase virtual plants to enhance the look of their properites.

What’s at stake?

The 100 billion UPX pool. This amount is divided into two main pools;

1. The Upland pool

Half of the pool is allocated for selling UPX for fiat and crypto to players. These proceeds are used to fund the operations of Upland.me, Inc. the company behind Upland. To ensure funding of the continuous development and growth of the platform, the Upland pool will receive a variable amount of UPX per active player (newly created by the Upland minting system) once Upland goes out of beta.

2. The Community Pool

The other half, 50 billion UPX, have been minted to run and sustain the economy. This pool is characterized by multiple UPX inbound and outbound streams. Some of the inflow streams include, weekly minted UPX on the Upland minting system, fees from in-game transactions between players and proceeds from the initial sale of a property. Some of the outflows include, recurrent and boosted earnings for owning properties, one-time rewards for completing collections and missions as well as marketing campaigns.


The growth of decentralized gaming platforms

The platform allows users to purchase, sell and trade its native in-game token, UPX, which is built on top of the EOSIO software and runs on the EOS mainnet as mentioned above. Decentralized gaming platforms are taking up a significant share across the smart contract blockchain space. However, the expansive volume growth is not translating to daily active users yet.

The gaming world leads the decentralized applications market in growth and Upland.me aims to play a significant role in that growth. Upland.me is entering the gaming market at the right time as the gaming dApp industry on EOS currently struggles and is the key to a possible soar in the number of daily active users to levels last seen in January 2020. Since Upland has been created with mass market adoption in mind it has the potential to advance not only the EOS- but also even the whole blockchain ecosystem to the next level.

New developments: Upland.me raises $2 million in Series A round

In a bid to further development of the game, Upland raised $2 million in a Series A funding round led by Finlab EOS VC Fund in June 2019. The co-founder of Upland.me, Idan Zuckerman said,

“Blockchain presents so many exciting opportunities for games, enabling entire ecosystems around unique digital goods. We have simplified the experience, framed in a familiar context, to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain in a fun and approachable way.”

So far, the blockchain game developer has partnered with Second Life Creator, Linden Lab, to allow players to sell their in-game items for fiat currency in the real world. The platform will use Tilia Pay to monetize activities in the Upland virtual property trading game.

“It’s great to work with a partner like Upland that shares our vision for real in-game economies and true ownership,” said Aston Waldman, Tilia CEO, and CFO of Linden Lab. “We appreciate Upland’s vision to introduce the benefits of blockchain into the mainstream and shake up the way digital goods ownership is handled in games.”

Upland.me against COVID-19

Finally, Upland is also doing good. As the world continues its battle against the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the cryptocurrency community supports the fight against the spread and relief from the effects of the virus. Upland.me, in unison, is playing its part by having donated 100% of the proceeds from the sales of its Easter egg hunt to the NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund.

About Upland.me

Uplandme, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company founded in 2018 by Dirk Leuth, a Ph.D holder from the European Business School, Idan Zuckerman and Mani Honigstein. This team of serial entrepreneurs has a strong background and experience in the blockchain, fintech and gaming spaces. The firm’s mission is to empower a market economy where reality and digital are blended into one world offering all kinds of new earning opportunities.


If you have more questions on Upland.me on the game, registration process, or how you can earn a signup bonus you can reach the team on Discord, Medium, Telegram, Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more, please visit https://upland.me/ .

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