Verge’s New Plans will Boost its Security & Investor Confidence, But What about XVG Price?

By Sagar Saxena
Published June 11, 2018 Updated June 11, 2018
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Verge’s New Plans will Boost its Security & Investor Confidence, But What about XVG Price?

By Sagar Saxena
Published June 11, 2018 Updated June 11, 2018

Verge is making further developments in terms of engaging with Rootstock (RSK) which is a smart contract platform after the announcement of a potential partnership with a retail outlet. By concentrating on the security of its network and working on the adoption, Verge is fostering investor’s confidence.  


Focusing on the security

Verge has already been experienced 51% attack twice that has raised several questions on the security of its network. Looks like, with the latest developments, Verge is all set to make the security its priority.

According to the official tweet by Verge, they are already in talks with Rootstock (RSK) and will be integrating it in the Verge currency.

This kind of developments surely helps the Verge community feel more confident in the cryptocurrency as important steps are taken in the right direction.

Also, this has the Verge Fam feel excited about XVG price and hoping that it will make a jump.

Rootstock (RSK) is basically “a horizontal, usually underground stem that often sends out roots and shoots from its nodes.” It is an open-source smart contract platform that focuses on security, scalability and instant payments.

Just a few days back, Verge’s partner Tokenpay announced that they are in talks with a retail store. Announcements like such aids in boosting Verge adoption and securing investors’ confidence in the cryptocurrency.

Recently, Verge also got another listing Sistem Koin with BTC, ETH, TRY [Turkish Lira], USD, and EUR pairings.

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Crypto market red, XVG price feel the heat too

Since yesterday, the entire crypto market is in red. Though the reason for the same is not clear yet, the prices dropped down at the time when the news of Korean crypto exchange Coinrail came out yesterday.

Positioned at 33rd, as per the Coinmarketcap, Verge is at $0.0315 with a loss of about 11.12 percent in the last 24 hours.

The daily trading volume of Verge is $14.8 million with a market cap of $475 million. XVG is running in red against BTC trading pair as well.

At the beginning of the day, XVG price even slides down to the $0.0304 level. The downward trend has been a constant one which has taken a slight upward shift from its lowest $0.0304 point.

Given the current market trend right now where almost all the cryptocurrencies are down by several percentages, it is kind of expected of XVG as well. Before this severe drop down, the crypto market has been experiencing a lot of turbulence as well as the prices keep on going up and down on almost constant basis.

A point worth noting is, awareness, adoption, and security measures are rising that is certainly good for the cryptocurrency market in the long term.

What are your views on Verge’s engagement with RSK? Share your thoughts with us!

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