Wager Based 3D PVE/PVP Arena Battler Engines of Fury Storms GameFi With Incredible Content

By Stan Peterson
January 19, 2022 Updated January 19, 2022
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The world of blockchain gaming has recorded explosive growth and popularity fueled by unprecedented speculations and a surge of emerging projects in recent times. NFT blockchain-based games look ready to rule the future and the recent pivot towards NFT in novel play-to-earn games brings the sector to the forefront. However, for the industry to move further towards mainstream acceptance, certain design aspects must be effectively reimagined and this goes beyond themes and aesthetics. 

A number of NFTs games are built with repetitive gameplay which is sometimes automated. These are mostly games with character designs and graphics lacking variety and interesting features. While there is a high potential in integrating blockchain in games, such as creating a multiplayer digital world where players from different parts of the globe can easily turn their passion for gaming and digital content creation into lucrative careers. Moreover, most game developers tend to make earning the core of P2E games which spoils the fun for the most part.  Engines Of Fury (EOF) was designed to usher in a new age that will bring real value to the ecosystem’s growth.

Shifting Gears

Set out to revolutionize and disrupt the P2E gaming genre, Engines Of Fury is a 3D wagered arena battler, designed with a high-power framework that allows users experience gaming in its undiluted form. The project utilizes a cutting-edge and user-centric play-to-earn model with a slightly traditional design path built around DeFi and GameFi, that makes the game engaging and enjoyable with NFTs and other synthetic assets. The project’s token and unique NFTs creations are organically integrated into the gameplay to enhance the overall user experience. 

Aside from a gameplay-first mindset, EOF brings incredible content to the gaming sphere in an immersive ecosystem that pits players against others in multiple arenas. The main gameplay loop is simple yet breathtaking. The game’s competitive edge lies in its unique concept akin to traditional games with an intuitive and streamlined UI. Players can take part in both PVP and PVE activities, engage with other players in tournaments, and complete quests to earn amazing rewards and new abilities, with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

Engines Of Fury is ushering a new wave of gaming content and solutions on its platform to establish a unique place for gamers to explore and connect with like-minded individuals. 

In The Long-Term

Backed by investors with whom their visions align perfectly, including Animoca Brands, LD Capital, Ice Tea Labs, DoublePeak Ventures, Metavest, Decubate, Kyros Ventures, DWeb3, Metrix Capital, SL2, Raptor, Mintable, Polychain Monsters, BTC12, UNIX guild, Rainmaker Guild, GGG Guild, Metagaming guild, Infinity guild, PIF guild, Earn guild, Cosmic guild and others in the blockchain space, Engines Of Fury is raising over $4M to take its project to new frontiers. The project will son announce its launch on top tier GameFi launchapds. 

“We are excited to support Engines of Fury and we share the same vision to allow the gamer community to take part in the decision-making process of game development. We invest in talented founders that build quality games and have a powerful vision, and Engines of Fury has an experienced team and a strong concept to tie play-to-earn with exciting gameplay and 3D visuals.” – Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands.

EOF demonstrates the potential to dominate role-playing games and is primed to bring together gameplay, tokenomics, and the metaverse into a virtual economy, improving its ecosystem for long-term success. 

Engines Of Fury seeks to push forward on its quest to make blockchain-based gaming enticing to a global audience through continuous upgrades and a multi-pronged approach. In the coming months, EOF will launch on major CEXs and DEXs. The project will also launch its NFT marketplace and develop a mobile game.

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