What Features Make TurboXBT The Number 1 Short-Term Trading Platform

By Guest Author
November 25, 2021 Updated November 25, 2021

TurboXBT, a synthetic trading platform that gives instant profits of up to 90% for all users has a number of inherent features that makes it the number 1 short term trading platform in operation today.

Emergence Based on Demand

Before we dive deeper into the unique features that the platform has that earned it this unique tag as the number 1 short-term trading brokerage for the synthetic digital assets, it is worth mentioning that TurboXBT was birthed in response to user’s core needs, which is a platform that provides an avenue to rake in high profits, but without the over-bloated exposures on long-term trading.

While the development of TurboXBT spanned many years, its emergence paid off for its targeted users as it has introduced a re-assurance since its inception earlier this year, in which it has maintained its promises to all of its users. Though TurboXBT is new to its peers, it currently brandishes enough fundamentals that make it a promising brokerage with the potential to be amongst the top exchanges by trading volume in the near future.

The Distinguishing Features

To begin with, TurboXBT has a unique approach with respect to its platform design, creating an appealing interface that is simple enough for new users, while also brandishing a charting algorithm that professionals will find very useful. TurboXBT is easy to navigate, and new users can set up an account, enter into their first trading contract, and get their payout in less than 3 minutes.

Beyond the convenience TurboXBT offers, here are the distinguishing features that places the platform as the number 1 amongst its short-term trading peers;

    • Diverse and Profitable Asset Support: TurboXBT supports a wide range of assets spread across various market niches. With a total of 17 assets bordering around cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities and Foreign Exchange, TurboXBT comes off as one of the trading platforms with the most robust asset support. The assets are further spread into 38 trading pairs, each with its unique payout, or percentage return per trade.
    • No KYC and No-Commission Policy: As TurboXBT operates from a region where digital currencies are not yet regulated, it gives the platform the opportunity not to demand Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents from its users. With no personal data stored on the platform, an extra level of protection is offered to users who gain complete control of their private data. TurboXBT does not also charge commission on its trades, carving out a different approach to revenue generation that only few exchanges can boast of. This latter feature grants users additional value on their capital and earnings on the platform.
    • Resources for Training: TurboXBT believes in the mantra, “Practice Makes Perfect,” and as such integrates a free to use Demo Account for all of its users. The Demo Account comes with a $1,000 trading capital that users can use to perfect their trading strategies before committing their real funds. This helps safeguard users funds and helps in effective risk management.
    • Revenue Share Program: TurboXBT operates an affiliate program called Revenue Share (RevShare). As the name implies, users do not get paid for each referral on a one-time basis, rather they share in the profit accrued from each user up to 50% for as long as the user will be trading on the TurboXBT platform.

Setting the Pace

With these and more features that TurboXBT has which are being discovered on a daily basis by each of the platform users, the goal is to set the pace for profitable trading and user satisfaction. From high earnings up to 90% per trade to platform uptime up to 99.9%, TurboXBT has designed an avenue for everyone to catch each movement in the market and turn it into a sustainable, life-changing income.

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