What is nCash and How to Trade in it?

By Achal Arya
March 15, 2018 Updated March 28, 2018
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One of the newest additions to the cryptocurrency world, nCash is on to disrupting the outlook of the retail industry. An end-to-end technology solution, nCash basically captures the customer data and then provides it to the retailers through its blockchain and real-time sensor technology.

A Nucleus Vision cryptocurrency for retail industry

Started in 2014, nCash’s official name is Nucleus Vision. The idea of this blockchain platform is to bridge the gap of information between the customers and retailers. It utilizes the customer records to make the product preference decision by using IoT.

For an instance, if you a retailer and wants to understand your customers’ preferences then, you simply have to request your client for the information and in return award them with nCash.

The nCash token and ICO

Nucleus Vision was founded at Harvard University in 2014 but developed fully into a product by 2016 only. The aim is to connect the retailers and customers by empowering the retailers so that customers can be better served.  

The team has to cancel its scheduled ICO due to ETH prices. However, later the token raised over $40 million from private investors without even going to the public presale.

nCash came into the market with a token supply of 10 billion, having a hard cap of $40 million and the soft cap of $15 million. The symbol of this token is nCash with ERC20 token type.

The earliest investor of the project was Tim Draper who is also involved with Skype and Hotmail.  

Currently, nCash is live on 10 retail stores with 90607 unique identifications and 2470 successful authorizations.

According to the coinmarketcap, the price of nCash is $0.033 at the time.


ncash price chart

How nCash works?

In this project, an ION sensor is installed at a retailer’s outlet which identifies the customers within its 200 meters radius. To protect the data from being transferred from an ION sensor to the customer device, an orbit layer has been secured.

On the customers’ approval, his/her real-time details are shared with the outlet for which the customer gets discounts and offers.

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Where to buy and trade nCash?

The Nucleus Vision is currently listed on Binance and IDEX exchanges meaning you can only buy yourself nCash on these two exchange platforms. Binance offers you BTC, ETH and its very own BNB token option to buy nCash.

Nucleus Vision certainly seems to have a long-term potential, given the industry it caters to and the way it provides a connection to the online and offline retail world.

What are your views on nCash? Do you think it has the potential to transform the retail industry? Share your thoughts with us!

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