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By Stan Peterson
February 18, 2022 Updated February 18, 2022
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Cryptocurrency investing is for a lot of serious investors a long-term game from which they cash out only in a couple of years after their initial investment. But, owning a cryptocurrency for such a long time can be tricky. It can’t be just some coin that skyrockets and then drops to zero. It has to be a coin that provides some real value to its users and is therefore likely to go up in value over the course of time. To find such a coin, one can use various sites that provide long-term cryptocurrency predictions for various coins.


This website provides long-term cryptocurrency predictions up to 5 years in advance. These predictions are for each month of the year with minimum, maximum and average expected prices. CryptoPredictions’ homepage states that they scan historical exchange rates and other historical market data of cryptocurrencies and use these data to predict likely future price development. Currently, the website features predictions for over 14 000 coins but new ones are added every day. To find a coin of your desire, the website allows you to filter among coins based on different categories, such as AI, sports, meme, real estate & music coins etc. Interestingly enough, crypto investors outside the US can change in which currency they are going to see the predictions, there are 32 other currency options including GBP, EUR, ZAR, INR.

  • CoinCodex

CoinCodex provides the current crypto market’s data, news as well as predictions. It also features the greed and fear index showing what’s the current sentiment of the market. The website provides predictions for over 10 000 coins, most of the forecasts are short-term (for the next week, month etc.), but they also do have a couple of long-term predictions. CoinCodex forecasts are based on 28 technical indicators which showcase what is more likely going to happen on the market next.

  • TradingBeasts

TradingBeasts is a popular educational portal for crypto and forex traders which also has a huge section with crypto forecasts. This section provides cryptocurrency predictions for the biggest 3 000 coins and is 4 years in advance. As per the website’s homepage, their algorithm works with historical price data and uses a combination of linear and polynomial regressions to provide you with as accurate crypto price predictions as possible. All predictions can be accessed without any subscriptions or other fees.

  • is a site that provides not only crypto predictions but also stock, forex and commodity forecasts. The website has predictions 5 years in advance for nearly 10 000 crypto assets. These predictions are for each day of the month and include information about the least possible, best possible and regular price. The website is run by walletinvestor and apart from the free features you can access without paying any fees, walletinvestor has also four subscription packages and the basic monthly recurring fee is $8.99.

  • Crypto Academy

Crypto Academy has a prediction section where the portal puts all forecasts for cryptocurrencies. These analyses are hand-written by the Crypto Academy team. Currently, there are predictions for over 60 cryptocurrencies and counting. The predictions are up to 5 years in advance, sometimes even 6 years.

Final words on our list of the best sites for long-term predictions

Remember that while these predictions provide a good starting point when it comes to making long-term analyses, they should never be used as financial advice without doing your own due diligence. Depending on what are your preferences and needs you might want to use a different site from the list as each of the crypto prediction sites has its own characteristics. Nevertheless, all sites from the list provide predictions for at least 2 years in advance.

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