Chainlink [LINK] Seals ATH As It Soars By 12%, More To Come Says Analyst


Chainlink [LINK] Seals ATH As It Soars By 12%, More To Come Says Analyst

LINK, the cryptocurrency powering blockchain project Chainlink has set an all-time high. This is after an incredible run since bottoming in 2018. After an incredible start to the year, indicators still show that the coin has no intention of slowing. In the last 24 hours, LINK has surged by 12% to reach $4.50. This is the digital assets all-time high making it one of the few to have broken its ATH in the current bull market.


Cryptocurrency LINK has achieved what most holders are hoping all altcoins will. The digital asset has soared above its 2017 highs. Since bottoming at $0.22 back in the 2018 bear market, the altcoin has gone on to gain by more than 3,000%.

This according to one crypto analyst is just the first of many. Its impressive run will be seen with other altcoins this year. With this bull run, he predicts that we will see cryptocurrencies post 10 to 20 times gains from current values in 2020.

In the last 24 hours, a majority of cryptocurrencies have shown exhaustion. LINK, however, continues to skyrocket. In the last 24 hours, it has added 12%. LINK ‘s price surge further sees its ranking improve. With its market cap now above $1.5B, the crypto has climbed to 15th. It’s an impressive run, and if it persists, the asset could be fighting for the tenth position in the months to come.

The latest price action from LINK seems to be a technical one as demonstrated by analyst Bagsy. But above this, there have been some key developments around the Chainlink project. This has helped create value for LINK and increase adoption.

Most recently, the project celebrated a key partnership with the digital currency app, Swipe. Swipe announced it would be integrating Chainlink’s oracle to its payment network for secure price conversions on point of sale transactions.

Chainlink aims to connect real-world data and payments to smart contracts. It aims to create decentralized connections between external data and blockchains like bitcoin or Ethereum. This means its usage and demand will continue to grow with the adoption and usage of blockchain. Its opportunity to grow, in tandem with LINK, is limitless.

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