How Tuk Tuk Pass is Using Blockchain Technology to Reward Travelers

By Guest Author
Published November 2, 2018 Updated November 3, 2018
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How Tuk Tuk Pass is Using Blockchain Technology to Reward Travelers

By Guest Author
Published November 2, 2018 Updated November 3, 2018

Blockchain is undoubtedly the new buzzword today, being used in practically every industry to connote just how innovative a company is. But Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) saw more in the blockchain than just an opportunity to be trendy — the team behind this platform saw a chance to revolutionize the tourism industry. Tuk Tuk Pass gives hotels and travelers alike real reasons to use their service by combining convenient booking tools with data-driven suggestions and recommendations. They make it a priority to provide travelers with the incentives they need to share information along with the resources to keep booking their travel services through the platform.

The Dilemma of Travel

Even though 2017 saw $8.3 trillion in revenue across the globe, travelers are still prone to the hassle of having to consult multiple sources to plan their trip. With a little help from the blockchain, Tuk Tuk Pass gives travelers a new way to streamline their plans so they can concentrate on having a good time. This visionary company is creating a social travel platform that combines machine learning and user-generated information so travelers can both book their travel plans and share how they feel about them. A cross between Online Travel Agent (OTA) and social networking site, the platform is powered by a unique cryptocurrency that can be used for services, insights, and travel advice.

How the Experience Works

Imagine a traveler visiting a massive city like Bangkok. She’s done some research, but she could certainly use some extra suggestions for a quality source to fill in any gaps. She can use the Tuk Tuk Pass app to not only receive suggestions about where to go and what to eat but also access the maps and reviews that she needs to head from one destination to the next seamlessly. Once she’s done booking (and paying for) her excursions, she can go back to the app to give her feedback about how everything went. For her time and efforts, she receives token rewards from the app that she can then use on her next trip. This way, she’s rewarded and so is every other person on the app who might want to go where she went.

TTP Blockchain Kiosk

The TTP Smart Concierge Kiosks give travelers a single machine they can consult for practically everything related to their trip. In the first phase of their business model, Tuk Tuk Pass will be putting their kiosks in four different countries (Thailand, China, Singapore, and Japan) to serve just under 110 million tourists. They intend for these machines to be used as both an advertising portal for goods and services, as well as a type of physical storefront where travelers can book excursions, reserve a table at a restaurant, or set up appointments with local services. The Tuk Tuk Pass Asset, or the cryptocurrency that travelers can use to power their accounts, is run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Blockchain Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why Ethereum made such a big splash in the crypto world is due to its ability to scale. Bitcoin might have been the breakthrough currency, but it proved to be inefficient if people wanted to use it as a mainstream, global currency. If TTP is going to reward the millions of customers it’s planning to reach, then the app needs a technology that can keep up with potentially hundreds of transactions a second. Few things are worse for travelers than hitting a glitch when they’re trying to relax. TTP’s use of the blockchain ensures travelers have seamless transactions from start to finish. And what’s more, the blockchain is the safest way to send money — so travelers don’t have to worry about their credit card being stolen or hacked while they’re abroad.

Plans for the Future

TTP wants to do more than just make things simple for customers at their machines; they’re looking for ways to convert their currency into the local currency. They would do this either in the form of cash or in prepaid cards that travelers could use wherever they go. The more tangible rewards become to customers, the more likely it is they’re actually going to use it and recommend it to people they know. As people add their opinions and tips to a centralized application, Tuk Tuk Pass will become the primary resource for any traveler who doesn’t want to waste their time following rabbit hole after rabbit hole every time they want to try a new restaurant on their trip.

Tuk Tuk Pass is taking traditional travel into a much more modern space, an event that travelers have been anticipating for many years. Despite the ease of conventional Online Travel Agencies, travelers know there has to be a better way to coordinate their plans. Now, they’ll have the opportunity to get all their ducks in a row in minutes instead of hours, and they’ll be rewarded with real currency that they can use toward their next outing.


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