NapBots Review: The Best Crypto Trading Bot

By Abhinav Agarwal
Published September 18, 2020 Updated September 18, 2020

NapBots Review: The Best Crypto Trading Bot

Automated trading bots are a hot trending topic these days and are gaining momentum! NapBots is a cloud-based, algorithmic trading platform that has lots of attributes and supports the most important crypto exchanges.


NapBots offers different trading strategies that can be used by pro-traders or even by someone that doesn’t know how to trade at all. The whole platform was developed to be easy to use. NapBots provides excellent support via email, chatbot, and has a very supportive community on Telegram where even his CEO takes the time to answer and interact with the members of the group.

NapBots Review Score 4.5 Stars ★★★★✫

NapBots Strategies

NapBots is everything about making trading less complicated and seeks to democratize algorithmic trading, focusing on the most liquid cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, EOS, BNB, and LTC). 

It currently supplies direct exposure to 20 algorithmic trading strategies in a straightforward and risk-free atmosphere, with different time horizons. The oldest trading strategy is more than 3 years old and has returned over 100% during the last 12 months. Despite the current turbulence in the markets, most of the NapBots crypto strategies have been reaching new All-Time Highs recently.

There are three types of strategies:

  • Weekly: Low-frequency trading, open a position every week focused on catching the big movements of the market.
  • Daily: Open a position every day, some of these strategies have an incredible performance.
  • Hourly: High-frequency trading, open a position every hour.

What are the crypto exchanges supported?

The platform supports Binance, Bitstamp, Bitpanda Pro, Bitfinex, OKEx, BitMex, Phemex, Kraken, and are planning to add more exchanges shortly.Such 8 exchanges provide all the crypto pairs and volume needed. Some were selected for their demonstrated security, others for their liquidity which is an essential trading function. Linking Napbots to an exchange is achieved in one simple action. On the picked exchange you just need to develop an API + Secret from your account and fill it in on Napbots’ platform.

NapBots Pricing and Choices


NapBots has three plans to choose from:

  • Silver Plan/ €7 per month

The silver plan from NapBots includes the use of weekly trading bots with a budget limit of 1k euros. However, this plan does not include customize allocation, neither daily and weekly bots.

  • Gold Plan/ €39 per month

This plan includes weekly and daily strategies with important features such as leverage, custom allocation. Also, it consists of a budget limit of up to 3k euros.

  • Platinum Plan/ €99 per month

This plan grants access to all the trading bots available and all the features that the platform has.

NapBots freemium plan enables the simulation of the trading bots with fictitious money at 0 costs.

Every plan has a budget limit and if you want to trade more than the limit you will have to pay an extra fee.


How To: Set Up an Account With NapBots

Setting an account with NapBots is easy. Start by creating an account at the opening page, enter your name, then give NapBots the email address you want to use for the service, and pick a password.

When all the details have been entered, you will need to check your email inbox for account confirmation. 

Account Signup

If you have any problems or do not obtain a confirmation email, check your spam folder. Additionally, you can get in touch with NapBots’s support by sending an email to [email protected] if required or by joining our Telegram group.

Begin Trading With NapBots

When you have opened up an account with NapBots, you will need to connect it to your crypto exchange via API. Remember that this API will have the right to only execute orders, not withdraw funds, so your funds will be in your total control.

Choose the winning bots

After connecting your crypto exchange, you will need to select the strategies you desire the bot to copy-trade, for example, BTC/ETH/USD AR could be an excellent option. You can choose any strategy that your crypto exchange and plan supports.

Validate and pay

The plan selection will depend on the type of trading bots you have selected. 

You can pay with Credit/Debit card or with cryptocurrencies.

After you make the payment, it should immediately activate and credit your account, if you pay with crypto is slower as the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are taking longer to be validated these days.

Automated trading has terrific advantages

Traders have to deal with great stress, and automated trading systems can be of great help. In addition to being active all the time, automated trading bots take emotions out of trading, being this the most common mistake in humans. No trading system is ideal, and any type of trading approach can generate losses in the short term, the whole idea is that in the long term, it outperforms the underlying asset.

Bots don’t sleep; they work 24/7

It isn’t healthy to be on a trading terminal the whole day. Not only would the investor ended up being fatigued, but also the possibility of making great trades also goes down as stress and anxiety sets in. Large financial institutions have traders that operate in every market, but the crypto world doesn’t sleep, it runs 24/7.

Trading bots can track what is happening on the market automatically, as well as never need to pause. NapBots stay in the cloud, which implies they are connected to every exchange they support in real-time.

Paying less than a cup of coffee to have a full-time trading assistant appears like a good bargain, even if it just makes a trade every few days. Relying on the dimension of the account, a single winning trade might justify the price of the bot each month, and the time saved by the investor is tremendous.

Is NapBots Right for You?

There are a lot of alternatives around for crypto traders and investors that desire to automated their trading. NapBots absolutely raise the bar and fills up a niche; also, it isn’t extremely expensive.

The first thing to think about is how much you trade, and if you would feel comfortable leaving all in the hands of the algorithm. NapBots offers multiples strategies, so it makes good sense to experiment with a mix of allocation to reduce risk.

Also, It’s really favourable to see that NapBots give their users the capability to utilize its platform in simulation prior to paying for it. You can put real money in your account at any moment, and upgrade to among the pay subscription.

Do Trading Solution Work?

There is plenty of concerns surrounding exactly how efficient automated trading systems can be. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are several kinds of automated trading systems available, and each one will certainly have its benefits.

The system that NapBots developed is straightforward and pretty simple to use, replicating their exchange directly into your crypto exchange. The most significant benefit is that if you’re a pro-trader can be a great addition to your trading or if you’re a noob can help you to level up your investment strategy. It is also worth mentioning that any trading system will not work all the time, so making sure it’s used regularly is really essential.

The team behind NapBots is pretty solid, confirmed by a team of professional quantitative traders with more than 20 years of R&D designing performing trading strategies and founded by multi-billion asset managers at Tier 1 banks.

NapBots provides a system for every type of investor.

NapBots shows up to have created an incredible automatic trading system for crypto investors. Trading interfaces tend to be complex, but NapBots created an easy and straightforward one. New users ought to have no trouble getting up to speed with the NapBots platform, and also attaching it to their crypto exchange accounts. It is also worth to mention that NapBots can make money in both fluctuating market conditions, either bullish or bearish.

Final thoughts

If you are seeking a way to automate your crypto trading, NapBots is probably the best option. It’s easy to use, totally automated, in-house made crypto trading strategies, and can be stopped at any moment you want.

The trading algorithms that NapBots uses on its system are probably one of the most useful, and their trading bots are pretty simple to turn them on and off. 

The world of crypto trading is moving and expanding fast. The robots that NapBots built for their users can make a difference for crypto investors, as well as help them to generate profits despite the trend of the market.

NapBots Pros

  • Easy installation and simple interface.
  • A marketplace of home signals.
  • Compatible with significant cryptocurrencies exchange.
  • You can mix all the strategies and create your own allocation.
  • Total control of your funds.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Supportive Community.
  • Created by an experienced team of traders.
  • Cloud-based platform

NapBots Cons

  • New platform.
  • Only simulator mode.
  • leverage up to 1.5x.

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Telegram: Telegram group.



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